Chance the Rapper is not only a talented lyricist — he’s a true romantic. The Chicago native shared a video on Twitter earlier this week as a part of the “#SoGoneChallenge,” which tasked social media users with freestyling over a popular Monica song produced by Missy Elliott. The father of one dedicated his off-the-cuff rap to the lucky lady behind the camera, raising questions among fans about the identity of Chance the Rapper’s girlfriend, Kirsten Corley.

The “Same Drugs” rapper has, for the most part, kept his private life just that — private. He rarely invites fans into his personal life, using social media primarily to promote his musical ventures. On Wednesday, however, that all changed. Chance the Rapper freestyled over Monica’s “So Gone,” telling Twitter followers how much he enjoyed Corley’s newfound curves, calling her both “sexy” and “grown.” He went on to discuss her ethnicity, revealing that “she ain’t mixed, but people ask if she half Hispanic.” The Grammy hopeful shouted out his young daughter Kinsley Bennett, stating that she is “probably” the only girl he holds more. Based on the lyrics, which Chance the Rapper wrote on his iPhone, the pair are just like any other couple — he revealed that when he’s able to be home with his girlfriend and daughter he makes sure to rub her feet and watch her favorite shows with her. He does, however, have his limits. In his freestyle the 23-year-old joked about watching “Black Ink” and “Being Mary,” noting that he draws the line at “Love & Hip Hop,” which he called “kind of scary.” Chance also referenced a recent pickup basketball game he and his girl — who apparently played basketball in college — partook in, which resulted in him being injured. In closing, he turned the camera on the woman of the hour, providing fans with a glimpse at his muse.

While Chance the Rapper does not share much about his personal life on social media, he is far more open in his music. In May, he released his third album “Coloring Book,” on which he makes a number of references to their unconventional relationship. On June 1, the Washington Post praised Chance the Rapper for paving the way for other such families by including lyrics like this one: “Man, my daughter couldn’t have a better mother. If she ever find another, he better love her.” The publication noted that he both embraces the fact that their relationship could end at any time, and preemptively wishes her well. He was praised by WSJ for his maturity and for highlighting an important and often overlooked reality for couples — and former couples — everywhere.

Despite having embraced the possible demise of their relationship, Chance the Rapper and Corley appear to be going strong. In addition to rapping about wishing she was his fiancée, the pair have taken steps to ensure that both are recognized as daughter Kinsley’s parents. In May, the Chicago Tribune reported that Corley had filed a petition to have Chance the Rapper named as Kinsley’s father on her birth certificate. The filing also included a child support agreement. The publication stated that Corley requested to be named as the “sole caretaker” of Kinsley, but requested that Chance the Rapper be responsible for expenses related to her birth as well as attorney's fees. She later amended the petition, revealing that she and Chance the Rapper were living together and assuring the court that he had been willingly contributing financially to her upbringing. She asked that he simply continue contributing, but maintained that she needed him to help pay legal fees associated with the filing. Chance the Rapper reportedly agreed with almost all Corley’s demands, asking only to change a portion of the petition to state that they have “shared allocation of parental responsibility and reasonable parenting time.” He also asked that he and Corley be individually responsible for their own legal fees.

Chance The Rapper
Chance the Rapper, photographed during a performance in Chicago, Illinois, on July 28, 2016, shared a quick video dedicated to girlfriend Kirsten Corley on Twitter raising questions among fans about the mystery woman. Getty Images