There’s currently a lot of buzz surrounding Charlotte Kirk after it was revealed that she may have been involved in the controversial deal between Warner Bros. and RatPac-Dune Entertainment. But who is Kirk really and how did she get involved in the big Hollywood mess?

Charlotte Sophie Kirk is a Kent, England-born actress who recently ventured into doing Hollywood projects. Her age and birthday have not been disclosed, but e-Talenta estimates it to fall between 22 and 28. Meanwhile, the Hollywood Reporter said she was only 21 when she and billionaire James Packer started texting in 2013 (more on their private texts later). Therefore, she could be 26 or 27 by now.

According to her IMDb Mini Biography that was made by Glenn Bickel, Kirk realized her passion for acting at the age of 11 after seeing “Gone With The Wind” for the first time. Before landing movie roles, she performed on stage plays including “Agamemnon,” “Arturo Ui,” “A Christmas Carol,” “Oliver Twist” and “Hairspray.”

The Italia Conti School of Acting in London graduate honed her skills through the years by working with Jigsaw Performing Arts in the U.K. and eventually with Susan Batson and Lee Strasberg in New York City.

From 2013 to 2014, she did roles for mostly thriller projects. She appeared as Hellion in “Fractured” and as Amy Harris in “Non-Stop.” The year after, she starred in a drama  called “Black Dog, Red Dog” as Lilian, as per

Kirk got her big break when she landed a starring role in 2015’s “Vice” alongside Bruce Willis and Thomas Jane. She then went on to star in many other films, including “No Panic, With a Hint of Hysteria,” “How To Be Single,” “Marauders,” “The Demo” and “The Depths.”

Last year, she appeared in “Ocean’s Eight” and “Ulysses: A Dark Odyssey.” This year, she is involved in two upcoming projects, “Nicole & O.J.” and “The Reckoning.” In the former, she is playing the title role of Nicole Brown Simpson.

Kirk, who now resides in Los Angeles, opened up to Authority Magazine last May on why she moved to the U.S. According to her, she felt “isolated” when she was still part of the U.K. acting community. She also admitted that her decision to leave home at 19 was an “all or nothing” move.

“Coming from more humble origins, I found myself feeling quite isolated within the U.K. acting community. I’d always felt there was a kind of unspoken elitism at work there and figured that in order to give myself a better chance I needed to take even bigger steps. So after graduating from drama school, aged 19, I packed and moved to the U.S. It was a kind of an all or nothing decision really,” she said.

Based on her Instagram feed, Kirk is loving her Hollywood fame and her Malibu life. She’s been updating her followers with snaps of her projects and her travels. But she hasn’t uploaded anything after Feb. 24. The last post she made was a picture of her at LAX. She revealed in her caption that she’s “on the road again.”

Kirk’s name was recently dragged into the scandalous deal between Warner Bros. and RatPac-Dune Entertainment. Apparently, leaked text messages obtained by THR on Wednesday revealed Packer and partner Brett Ratner may have “used” the actress to seal the deal with Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara.

In one leaked text message, Kirk complained to Ratner that she felt like she was “used as the icing on the cake for your finance deal with Warner Bros.,” then she added, “It’s gross what you all did to me!!!”

Other texts revealed that Kirk was asking Packer for help in order for her to land “a couple of roles.” However, Kirk was displeased at the thought that Packer promised her that her world would change once she meets Tsujihara. Kirk referred to her relationship with Tsujihara as a “sexual relationship” in the leaked messages.

In a statement to THR, Kirk denied that she engaged in any “inappropriate behavior” with Ratner, Packer and Tsujihara. She also disclosed that she and Packer had a romantic relationship in 2013 and that she doesn’t have any issues with or claims against her ex. Kirk added that Tsujiara never promised her anything and Ratner helped her in getting auditions out of friendship.

Amid the scandal involving the actress and the big bosses, WarnerMedia said that it will carry out an investigation.