Matt James is only one episode into his season of “The Bachelor” but that hasn’t stopped fans of the ABC series from wanting to know who his winner will be.

While show spoiler king Reality Steve has noted his usual inside scoop hasn’t been made readily available to him for Season 25, he has reported on the name of a possible 2021 winner.

According to his findings, the contestant that will eventually win over Matt’s heart will be Rachael Kirkconnell, the 24-year-old graphic designer from Cumming, Georgia.

Still, Reality Steve has made it clear, he has his doubts about Rachael.

The blogger, who has correctly reported several finale outcomes in past seasons, initially named Rachael as the 2021 winner in a Jan. 4 blog post. He said her family and friends have done an “awful job” remaining tight-lipped about the show’s ending, stating that “all signs are pointing to Rachael” winning.

the bachelor winner Rachael Kirkconnell and Matt James cozy up in a scene from "The Bachelor" Season 25. Photo: ABC

In a Jan. 5 post, he updated on his findings, saying that despite there being a lot of “chirping” in Rachael’s hometown about her winner status, he remained unconvinced about the series’ outcome.

“Am I certain of it? No. Because I haven’t seen what I feel I need to see to confirm it,” he explained.

He went on to share that last season, he was told Peter Weber picked Madison Prewett as his Season 24 winner, only for it to turn out to be fellow finalist Hannah Ann Sluss.

“...This stems from being told all season how many people in Auburn [Alabama] came to me during Peter’s season saying they ‘heard’ Madi and Peter were engaged. We know that didn’t happen,” he wrote. “The same thing has been happening for the last month.”

He added, “While it eventually might be true, that’s not what I base a spoiler on. I need something more definitive than that. I just haven’t gotten the proof I need...If/when I get it, you’ll be the first to know. But I wanted to tell you what I’d been told the most about since filming ended.”

While Reality Steve remains on the fence about Rachael walking away with the Season 25 win, he has been right about numerous show couples in seasons past.

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