First lady Melania Trump watches as President Donald Trump speaks in the Oval Office of the White House, in Washington, D.C., Feb. 28, 2017. Reuters

Although she will reside primarily in New York City, a seemingly endless parade of public events and appearances have been on the calendar for the FLOTUS, and much discussion has turned to the topic of her appearance. While Melania Trump’s official first lady plans and initiatives seem nebulous, the spotlight has fallen to her outfits and choice of ensembles for political appearances alongside President Donald Trump. Following Trump’s first joint address to Congress Monday evening, all outlets could focus on was the eye-catching Michael Kors suit Melania sported (some said the suit was an ‘atypical’ choice for an address to Congress).

One indisputable matter, apparently, is the appearance of Melania Trump’s hair. The former model always appears perfectly coiffed, and her sleek hairstyle has truly stood the test of time through her husband’s presidential campaign and beyond.

The man responsible for Melania Trump’s hair -- Mordechai Alvow -- has worked with the Slovenian beauty for years, and recently divulged some tips and insight regarding the Melania Trump’s tresses. The Israeli hairstylist conducted an interview with Yahoo Beauty last month and discussed how both he and Melania Trump came to create her signature ‘do.

“We’ve evolved it over time and through magazine covers, parties, events and TV interviews I’ve styled for her,” Alvow told Yahoo Beauty of her hairstyle. “She has high cheekbones, a long neck and a gorgeous Eastern European, and she looks especially great with a modern take on late 1960s styles.”

Here are five things that Alvow revealed about Melania Trump and her hair.

1. If Melania Trump’s hair looks maddeningly unchanging, it’s because Alvow made it so. He thought consistency was key to the first lady’s look. “When you’re new to people and suddenly so much in the public eye, people are looking for a sense of stability of some sort. When your hair looks the same, it helps people feel like they know you -- it helps people feel more comfortable,” he said.

2. Both Alvow and Melania Trump refer to screen sirens like Catherine Deneuve, Sophia Loren and Brigitte Bardot for inspiration.

3. To achieve Melania Trump’s cascading curls and full waves, Alvow uses his own products from his personal haircare line, YAROK. He applies a leave-in conditioner then follows it up with a mousse.

4. When it comes to the actual styling, Alvow blow drys her hair using a round brush then curls her hair then puts it up with large rollers.

5. To finish the look, Melania Trump will run her fingers through the freshly set curls so that the look isn’t too perfect.

Alvow also offered a tip about Donald Trump’s infamous hairs: “He’s very particular about doing his own hair!”