Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump joins his daughters Ivanka, center, and Tiffany, right, on the third day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, July 20, 2016. Reuters/Carlo Allegri

Following the controversy over Melania Trump’s speech at the Republican National Convention Monday and its direct parallels with Michele Obama’s 2008 speech, the pressure is on for the other woman of the Trump campaign to deliver strong remarks Thursday evening in hopes it will resonate with female voters.

Trump’s daughter Ivanka has been a staple throughout the campaign and an important moderating voice defending and explaining her father’s brash and off the cuff remarks. She is set to introduce her father in a speech Thursday evening in an effort to offer a humanizing portrait of a candidate who has created controversy throughout his campaign and who performs poorly in surveys of female voters.

“I’m terrified,” Ivanka Trump told ABC News in an interview when asked about delivering the speech. “I’m excited. I’m honored. I’m very humbled by it.”

Speakers are scheduled to begin taking the stage at 7 p.m. EDT, but Ivanka Trump likely won't go on until about 10 p.m. To watch a live stream of her speech, click here or watch the YouTube video feed below.

Ivanka Trump said she hoped her speech would convey her father’s personal qualities. “I don’t know if people appreciate his tremendous empathy and his warmth. But they should,” she said. “Our country needs a president who is able to dream big and my father will be able to do that in a very big and very real way.”

Ivanka Trump, 34, has served as a close advisor to her father throughout the campaign and has tried to offer a softer side in order to connect with a larger voter demographic. When asked about her father’s social media use that has caused controversy from the beginning of this campaign, she again defended him.

“He speaks from the brain. He speaks from the heart,” she told ABC.

Ivanka Trump is Donald Trump’s daughter from his first marriage to Ivana Trump. The couple divorced in 1991. Ivanka Trump is the second oldest of the five Trump children and works with her father as an executive for development and acquisitions at the Trump Organization. Like her father, she attended the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania where she graduated with a degree in economics.

Ivanka Trump worked as a model and gained wider national attention when she appeared beside her father on the reality television show "The Apprentice." She also has her own fashion line that has come under scrutiny following the April recall of a scarf made in China that was deemed flammable, the Washington Post reported.

Ivanka Trump married real estate developer Jared Kushner in 2009 and the couple has three children. Trump converted to Judaism when she married Kushner. When asked whether she could envision a future for herself in Washington, D.C., if her father was to win the election, Ivanka Trump told ABC News her main focus was on raising her children while coyly laughing and smiling.