Lucille Kelly Treccase, the eighth oldest person in the United States, turned 112 years on Wednesday. She is known to the world as Lucy Treccase.

Treccase was born Oct. 18, 1905, in Foxburg, Clarion County, Pennsylvania, to Mayme Smith and James Kelly. She grew up in Butler and was one of the toppers in her class at the Butler High School. She worked for five years for Standard Steel Car Co. in Butler as a secretary. Her father worked for the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, the oldest railroad in the country. He also loved to play golf at the Foxburg Country Club, the oldest golf course in the country.

At a dance, Treccase met Joseph P. Treccase, a doctor who served the Army during World War I. He also had an office in Butler. The couple married in 1928. After his return from the war post, he finished his college education, went to a medical school and became a doctor and returned to the army as a lieutenant colonel during World War II. Later, Dr. Treccase worked at the Veterans Administration hospital in Pittsburgh. In 1980, after 52 years of a happy married life, Dr. Treccase left for the heavenly abode.

Treccase’s family was among the first in the neighborhood to have a radio and listened to KDKA — nation’s first commercial radio station in 1920. They listened the election results, the first broadcast on Nov. 2, 1920. She was just 15 years old then and since then Treccase listens to KDKA every day. Her favorite talk show host is Marty Griffin, according to Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Treccase has been a member of St. Peter Catholic Church since long. She can recite the alphabet backwards. Her favorite pastime is knitting and sewing. In 2008, she moved to Concordia Lutheran Ministries in Cabot, Pennsylvania. She is also known as the ‘Pink Lady of Concordia’ for her love for the color pink.

Three years ago, in an interview when she was asked about her secret to longevity, Treccase said, “I've never smoked a day in my life.” However, she loves beer. Her love for beer developed when her family during Prohibition, brewed five-gallon crocks of beer to sell to family and friends. Her favorite beer is Rolling Rock. The CBS Pittsburg reported that Treccase secret to long life is also because she never drinks coffee. “I drink milk,” said Treccase.

According CBS Pittsburg, one thing that keeps Treccase occupied these days, is listening to radio. Treccase, a fan of Marty Griffin’s radio show, is left puzzled with how Kristine Sorensen, an anchor at KDKA-TV married Marty Griffin. “She must have liked him, too,” Treccase said.

She is hoping to be honored by Smucker’s and Al Roker on NBC’s “Today” show this week.

According to various publications, when asked what she wanted for her 112th birthday, the super-centenarian replied, “Oh, I don’t know what it would be. I have everything. I’ve been coast to coast, clear to California and back, and I don’t want anything."