Taylor Lautner has been known to date big names, from Disney-starlet Selena Gomez to Grammy award-winning singer Taylor Swift, but the actor seems to have recently altered his taste in women to date a lesser-known star.

According to a recent report from People magazine, the 21-year-old former “Twilight” lead has been spotted getting close to his current co-star, 27-year-old actress Marie Avgeropoulos, on the set of their upcoming action film, “Tracers.”

“They're happy and having a fun time together," a source revealed. A photo of the couple holding hands on location in Manhattan Monday was also published by People, further fueling rumors that the actors are an item.

Another source revealed to the New York Post earlier this month that the twosome has been allegedly dating since mid-July. According to the report, the co-stars were spotted seeing a showing of Blue Man Group at Astor Place Theatre in New York City on July 15. Following the performannce, eyewitnesses said Lautner was seen being especially attentive with Avgeropoulos, reportedly even giving her a piggyback ride due to a recent leg injury she is currently recovering from.

So who exactly is Lautner’s rumored brunette beauty? While her body of work isn’t as well known as Lautner’s, she does have an extensive history in the entertainment industry. Avgeropoulos credits includes a wide variety a roles with the native Canadian actress starring in everything from the film adaption of “Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief” alongside Logan Lerman to a guest spot on “90210” and even served as a producer and writer for the 2013 dramedy “A Remarkable Life.”

While a rep for Lautner has refused to comment on claims of a romance, Avgeropoulos has been less than shy about sharing details of their alleged on-set fling on social media. The actress recently teased her collection of 4,000 Twitter followers last week with a photo of Lautner’s director’s chair and her own sitting side by side while on location in New York.

“Tracers” is set to open in theaters later this year. Avgeropoulos can be seen next on the post-apocalyptic CW series, “The 100.”