Mike Epps, pictured here during a stand-up comedy show, was called out on Twitter for flirting with another girl. The comedian is not the first star to be caught cheating via the social networking site. Getty Images

Mike Epps has become the latest in a long line of politicians, celebrities, and professional sports players to be outed for cheating or trying to cheat on their wives by using the direct message feature of Twitter. Epps, the comedian known for his stand-up comedy, as well as films like "The Hangover" series, was not outed by a spurned lover, but by his own wife, who tweeted at both Epps and the girl he was flirting with online Monday night. Few had heard of Mechelle Epps until Monday, begging the question: Who is Mike Epps' wife?

Until the Twitter controversy, Epps' wife Mechelle had been a relatively unknown actress and producer, whose most well-known title was her small role in the film "The Fighting Temptations" with Cuba Gooding Jr. and Beyoncé in 2003. Mechelle McCain and Mike Epps met on the set of "The Fighting Temptations," where she played a non-speaking role as Epps' girlfriend. After the two dated for several years, they were married in 2006 and now have four daughters together: Maddie, Mariah, Bria, and Makayla Epps.

The controversy began late Monday night when Epps began tweeting back and forth with a young woman going by the Twitter handle @ceciCitra. After a few tweets were exchanged, with Epps asking her whether he could find her on Instagram, he asked her to DM him, or direct message him on Twitter, a way of communicating in private through the social networking site. It was then that Mechelle Epps tweeted at both of them from her verified Twitter account to let them know she was watching them.

Epps almost immeditately blocked @ceciCitra, and the Twittersphere exploded with memes and jokes about Mechelle keeping him in line.

Epps is not the first to be caught in a compromising position on Twitter. NFL safety Duke Williams of the Buffalo Bills was caught trying to hit on porn stars via his Twitter in July.