Now that “The Bachelorette” is over, fans of the ABC reality series want to know who will be starting their journey to find love on “The Bachelor.” The network has yet to announce who will be the star of Season 21, but that didn’t stop JoJo Fletcher and her fiancé Jordan Rodgers from commenting on casting rumors during a press call on Tuesday.

On the “After The Final Rose” special following “The Bachelorette” finale, host Chris Harrison asked JoJo which of her exes she would want to see get a second chance at finding love on TV. JoJo said Luke Pell or Chase McNary, but got cut off by bad boy Chad Johnson, who wanted to throw his name into the hat. JoJo elaborated to International Business Times why she thinks Luke or Chase would be the perfect lead for the upcoming season of “The Bachelor.”

“I got to know these guys so well,” she explained. “Chase and Luke — both were two men that I cared so deeply for that made an impression on my heart, and I think they’re both so deserving. They’re both very different and I don’t think that you can go wrong with either one. I know that they’re fan favorites. America loves them. I adore them. I honestly think that they’re going to be great either way.”

Jordan chimed in, agreeing that both guys are “great.”

“Luke is kind of the quintessential bachelor as far as being a war veteran, a Texas guy,” he explained. “He can ride a horse. I can’t do that.”

But that doesn’t mean that Chase doesn’t have the chops for the role.

“I think people fell in love with him for much different reasons,” Jordan continued. “[Chase] kind of let his walls down and opened up. He did the same with us. We got to know him better each and every week. I think American did the same.”

While Luke and Chase appear to be the frontrunners for “The Bachelor” Season 21, Jordan thinks that a couple of the other guys he met on the show could also be good. He added that he would love to see James Taylor or Wells Adams “get a shot at finding that special person as well.”

“But Chase is really going to be great either way,” he concluded.

“The Bachelor” Season 21 casting announcement will likely be made following Season 3 of the spinoff series “Bachelor in Paradise.” JoJo and Jordan told IBT that they will “absolutely” be watching next season no matter who gets chosen.

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