Halle Berry Engaged to Olivier Martinez
Who is fiance Olivier Martinez? How did the couple start dating? Why has Berry decided to try marriage a third time, and does Martinez's ex Kylie Minogue approve? Here's everything you need to know about Halle Berry's fiance. Reuters

Rumor has it that Halle Berry, 45, and Olivier Martinez, 46, are newly and very happily engaged.

A rep for jewelry designer Gurhan told People magazine today that the French-born actor proposed to the Hollywood star over the holidays, presenting her with a gorgeous emerald and diamond ring. Berry was spotted wearing the ring on New Year's, according to E! TV.

Reps for the two actors have yet to confirm the engagement, but friends and fans are already sending off or tweeting their congratulations.

Halle Berry has already gone through two marriages and two nasty divorces, and her most recent relationship before Martinez, with model Gabriel Aubry, ended in a bitter custody battle over their three-year-old daughter Nahla.

Halle Berry, however, is a household name, and was an internationally recognized model before she became an Oscar-winning actress. Less is known about Berry's alleged fiance.

Who is Olivier Martinez? How did he and Berry start dating? What do friends think of the pair? Will third time be the charm for the unlucky-in-love actress?

Find out all this and more below, with the six things fans of Halle Berry should know about fiance Olivier Martinez. From how the newly-engaged pair started dating to why Berry backed away from claims that she'd never marry again, here's a rundown of what to know about French actor Olivier Martinez.

1. Sparks Flew on Set of 'Dark Tide.'

Olivier Martinez and Halle Berry first met in 2010 on the set of Dark Tide, a shark-attack movie where they starred as the film's lovestruck couple.

The magic on-screen quickly turned into real-life romance: within weeks of wrapping filming, they were a confirmed couple.

Nor is this the first time Martinez has cause sparks to fly on set. In 1994, he met Oscar award-winning actress Juliette Binoche on the set of the movie The Horseman On the Roof, and he and Binoche began dating during production.

2. Martinez On Good Terms With Exes.

Like fiance Halle Berry, Olivier Martinez has had several high-profile relationships, with exes spanning from actress Mira Sorvino and model Rose Huntington-Whiteley to singer Kylie Minogue.

But while the twice-divorced Berry has had a rocky relationship with her former partners (ex-husband Eric Benét called the end of their relationship the sinking of the Titanic) Martinez appears to remain close to his exes, or at least have parted with them as amicably as possible.

Take Kylie Minogue, who began dating Martinez in 2002. The actor stuck with the singer as she battled breast cancer, and the pair stayed together five years before splitting in 2007.

But rather than resent Martinez's engagement to Halle Berry, ex Kylie Minogue has already sent congratulations their way.

Congrats to Olivier Martinez and Halle Berry!! #wedding, she tweeted.

3. Martinez: Hollywood Actor... and Onetime Boxer.

Before he began making films, Olivier Martinez was a competitive boxer. He boxed in France for three years and had some success, but a car accident ruined any chance of continuing in the sport.

I was surrounded by champs in my family and in my neighborhood, he told Interview magazine back in 2002. And because of this stupid accident, I've lost my chance.

4. He Could Do Without the Fame.

Rather than be devastated by the accident, however, Martinez decided to look on the positive, and his acting career began as a result.

It's like all the signs were telling me that I shouldn't be a boxer, he said. So I quit.

The reason Martinez may have been able to bounce back so quickly is that he's not interested in the fame that would have accompanied his athletic triumphs, or indeed what comes from being a Hollywood actor and Halle Berry's fiance.

I'm not a movie star, he has said. My goal is just... to get some interesting parts, and make enough money to live free.

To be a movie star, it's a lot of compromise and a lot of headaches.

5. He's Berry's 'Rock.'

That's not to say, however, that the actor looks down upon Berry's success as a Hollywood actress. He just prefers to spend time relaxing at home or playing on the beach, watching old movies like his favorite White Heat (1949) or goofing around with Nahla.

Nahla's father Aubry split from Berry after five years together in 2010. The exes spent much of the past year fighting for custody. To trust Nahla with Martinez, as Berry was spotted doing this week on a trip to Malibu, speaks volumes.

Olivier has become her rock, an inside source told Star. Halle feels Olivier has made a connection and a commitment to her and her daughter.

6. Third Time's the Charm

I will never marry again, Halle Berry swore to Oprah back in 2004. I mean it with every bone in my body.

Three years later, she remained adamant, telling In Style: I will never, never get married again.

But now it seems the actress is going back on her word, even after two bitter divorces (to baseball player David Justice in 1994 and Erice Benét in 2001). And according to an insider for People magazine, it's Berry's trust in Martinez that made the actress ready to take the leap one last time.

[Halle Berry] had given up on being married, but she trusts Olivier, the source said. He makes her feel safe. He's a keeper!