U.S. dollar bills are seen on a light table at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Washington, Nov. 14, 2014. A rapper in Atlanta threw money to the homeless from his car and documented the event on Instagram. REUTERS/Gary Cameron/File Photo

An Atlanta rapper played Robin Hood for a day when he decided to throw money to the homeless. Georgia rapper Ralo, or Terrell Davis, posted a video to Instagram last week that showed him “making it rain” on homeless people who were standing in line in a parking lot.

The video shows the rapper pulling up to the line of homeless in his BMW where he proceeded to toss out the bills from inside the convertible. You can see people holding plates standing in a line and then scrambling over one another to grab at the bills the Ralo tossed out in the parking lot. Ralo and his friends threw out somewhere between $30,000 and $50,000, Atlanta Black Star reported Monday.

Ralo captioned the video with, “F*** going to the strip club, all the n***** wit money let’s go to all the homeless shelters and make it rain on the poor people…” The comment was followed up by a hashtag: #RALOHOMELESSCHALLENGE.

The video has since received 103,000 views. Comments from followers ranged from the favorable to the disgusted. Some called the act “dehumanizing.” One commenter wrote, “This was rude because you watched and enjoyed them fight over the money. Their desperation was enjoyable enough to post on social media.”

Ralo said he was only trying to give back to others, The Associated Press reported.

Ralo, 21, reportedly trafficked drugs prior to focusing on his music career, according to Atlanta Daily Word. The young rapper has worked with producers and recording artists like Bandit Gang Marco and Future in the past. Ralo was also a featured artist on the Future song, “Can’t Lie.”