Police tape blocks the street to an apartment building after a shooting incident which began Friday evening left seven people dead in Hialeah, Florida, July 27, 2013. Reuters

An 8-year-old black boy was killed on his way home from a birthday party Wednesday when he got caught in the crossfire of a triple shooting in Dania Beach, South Florida. The boy had been walking with his adult cousins, who were both grazed by the bullets and taken to a local hospital, according to local authorities.

The deceased boy’s family identified him as Rashid Cunningham, who was in third grade and attending a local elementary school. The grandmother who the boy nicknamed “Little Foot" had been living with reportedly fainted behind the yellow police crime scene tape when she arrived at the scene after crying hysterically. She had to be physically carried away by friends and neighbors, other local reports said Thursday.

The cousins were still alive and receiving medical treatment early Thursday, though their conditions were not yet available.

An unidentified juvenile girl was also shot rushed to a hospital with an injury to her arm.

The incident occurred at approximately 7:30 p.m., Broward Sheriff's spokeswoman Veda Coleman-Wright told local reporters Wednesday. The shooter remains at large and no arrests have been made, she said. Deputies are searching for a motive while they believe the shooting was related to three prior shootings.

Investigators were urging anyone in the public with information about the killing to step forward. They said the recent shootings have all been aimed at specific people.

"Someone out there knows something and we need them to come forward," Coleman-Wright told reporters at the crime scene. “"Our detectives have been working around the clock trying to put this together, get information, evidence, sworn statements."

There had been at least four other shootings in the South Florida neighborhood of Dania Beach since Christmas, located roughly 20 miles north from Miami, said Coleman-Wright.

"There has been a shooting every day since Christmas Day," Coleman-Wright said. "People should be allowed to be outside in front of their home...children should be allowed to go outside and play… a child is dead."