Corey Lewandowski arrives at Trump Tower where U.S. President Donald Trump lived in New York City, Nov. 28, 2016. REUTERS/Mike Segar

Corey Lewandowski, who managed President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign until last June, is now back in the political game — and he allegedly told his prospective lobbying clients that he had access to Trump’s Twitter account, BuzzFeed News reported Wednesday.

The information came from four sources who were briefed on the meetings with Lewandowski. One of the potential clients was Facebook, a source said, although Facebook would not confirm or deny this. The sources all said Lewandowski had mentioned having access to the Twitter account as a selling point. Lewandowski denied the claims.

“I know facts don’t matter to buzz feed (sic) but it’s not true,” he wrote in an email to BuzzFeed.

Twitter has become one of the main tools of communication for Trump. The president has two Twitter accounts: One personal (@realDonaldTrump), and one as his official White House account (@POTUS). He’s especially well known for his flair for the dramatic on his personal account, where he often attacks his political opponents and the news media.

So who really does run Trump’s Twitter accounts?

His personal account is run by two different people, analysts have found. One of those people is Trump himself; he tweets from an Android phone. The other person is somebody on his staff, who tweets from an iPhone.

A Washington Post analysis found that the Android tweets are usually angrier and more prone to attacking critics, and they are usually posted in the morning. On the other hand, iPhone tweets are usually more neutral and diplomatic.

Trump’s POTUS account is run by Dan Scavino, Jr., the White House director of social media. When Trump does send his own tweets from that account, they’re signed “ -DJT,” which has only happened six times since Trump was inaugurated Jan. 20. But it’s normal for presidents to have someone else run their Twitter account — or, at least, it’s been normal for presidents who have served while Twitter has been around, which so far has been President Barack Obama and Trump. Obama’s account was run by a social media team, too.

Scavino, meanwhile, has been criticized for promoting fake stories on his own Twitter account. He shared a story about Syrian refugees in Germany holding a rally in support of the Islamic State group (which was fake), and he often shares information from InfoWars, which is known for peddling conspiracy theories.

Correction: A previous version of the article incorrectly stated who the sources for the BuzzFeed story were. The sources were briefed on the meetings between Lewandowski and potential clients. The article has been updated to reflect this fact.