Florida police discovered a body Saturday during the search for a missing woman. Suzanne Carlson, 35, was last seen early Thursday morning on neighborhood surveillance video.

Carlson had moved to South Jacksonville Beach just a few months ago, according to the Florida Times Union. She was described as 5 foot 2 and about 100 pounds, with blonde hair and green eyes. Carlson had no known history of mental illness, police said.

The body was found in the Intercoastal Waterway near J. Turner Butler Boulevard, WJXT reported. Police had not yet said officially whether the body belonged to Carlson but said it was being taken to the medical examiner’s office for identification. 

The surveillance camera video of Carlson from Thursday showed her acting strangely, authorities said. Her fiancee said he returned home to find her missing, with the front door unlocked and the shower running.

“We have her on video in the neighborhood, knocking on doors,” Jacksonville Police Chief Pat Dooley said Friday, according to WJXT. “She was very irrational. They couldn’t understand what she was saying, so they called police.” 

When police arrived at the scene just a few minutes later, Carlson was gone. Her cell phone appeared to be off and her car was left at home, according to WTLV-TV. Authorities said something may have happened in Carlson’s life before she disappeared, though they declined to release specifics.

“There are indicators to us that there could possibly be some issues that she wouldn’t have normally,” said Dooley. “It’s out of her normal behavior and so, I can’t get into the details of it, but we think that there could be some problems here.”