As Chicago's gang violence continues to spiral unchecked, a young girl, 11-year-old Takiya Holmes, died Tuesday after being caught Saturday in the crossfire of a gang-related shooting along with two other children. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Wednesday he was "in awe" of Holmes' mother, Naikeeia Williams, who made arrangements to donate her daughter's organs after her death.

Emanuel said he was surprised by Naikeeia's strength, the day after her daughter Takiya's death.

"Ms. Williams showed an incredible generosity keeping her child alive so she can donate her organs to another person, as she just said, so somebody can live," he reportedly said. "She is doing everything she can so she can donate her child's organs for somebody else, and as she just said, 'My baby won't be around, but maybe this will help somebody else.' I'm in awe of the generosity and Christianity of her heart."

The mayor also praised the residents of Parkway Gardens neighborhood in Chicago who helped in the identification of the shooter.

"The way the police broke that case was residents worked with them. You know who’s bad in the neighborhood. You don't have to wait until something bad happens," he said. "I ask everybody to stand up like the rest of the residents did, and work with the Police Department before something happens."

When the bullets came flying through the window, Takiya was travelling in a van with her mother and other relatives near 65th and King around 7:40 p.m. EST. A stray bullet hit her head when they stopped at her Naikeeia's workplace in Parkway Gardens.

First-degree murder charges were filed against Antwan C. Jones, 19, Wednesday morning. Takiya was shot in the head when he allegedly opened fired on three rivals in what is being called gang-related gunfight over selling marijuana in the neighborhood, Chicago Police Department said. Three children — Takiya Holmes, Kanari Gentry Bowers and Lavontay White — were the unintended victims of this gunfire.

"For these families, my heart goes out to them, because there is nothing you can say to them that will ease that pain. I can't imagine losing an 11-year-old child senselessly like this," Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson reportedly said.

Chicago has been plagued with violence since 2016 which saw more than 760 murders in the city. In the first six weeks of 2017, there have already been at least 70 homicides.

Johnson said it was "tragic" that lawmakers of the state hadn't taken action yet.

"They (repeat offenders) think the judicial system in Cook County is a joke," Johnson said. "They just don't care. Until we create that... accountability to not pick up a gun, we're going to continue to see this cycle of violence."