Sorry ladies, but any hopes of getting with  “(500) Days of Summer” hunk Joseph Gordon-Levitt were dashed when the actor married girlfriend Tasha McCauley at an ultra-private ceremony at home. Now that everyone knows JGL -- as he is affectionately known -- is off the market, some are clamoring to know more about his surprise bride. 

If anyone tried to find out more about McCauley on Internet Movie Database, they would not have been successful. In fact, the new bride has a life that is far from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. McCauley is a businesswoman who is the cofounder of Fellow Robots and the director of business development at GeoSim. She served as creative director at Fellow Robots, which is at a NASA Research Park in Silicon Valley, and then became CEO, of the company. McCauley, a Los Angeles resident, “enjoys building things, discovering how things work, and spends a lot of time thinking about how to make user interfaces that facilitate and enhance creativity,” her LinkedIn profile says.

She’s also holds two degrees: an MBA from the University of Southern California and  a bachelor of arts degree from Bard College. She speaks English, Spanish and Arabic, and has traveled to places like Antarctica and Cuba, People wrote.

Not surprisingly, JGL didn’t comment about his nuptials on Twitter. Instead he wrote about watching “The Interview” and promoted his production company hitRECord. Though McCauley has a Twitter account, she hasn’t written anything since Oct. 28 when she promoted Fellow Robots. Naturally, she didn’t write anything about marrying the Hollywood actor since they wed Dec. 20. 

She does, however, provide a pretty cute picture that was apparently taken in Antarctica. She is wearing a bright red bomber hat with matching red lipstick and what could be a towel. The vibrant colors stand out against the gray Antarctic background. Click here to see her apparent Twitter and Facebook pages. 

On the 140-character social media site, she simply describes herself as the cofounder of the company. McCauley’s account isn’t verified, as she has far fewer followers than her husband. When compared, McCauley has 1,800 and JGL has 3.41 million. 

In an interview with told Chicago Toy & Game Group in July, McCauley was both optimistic and skeptical. “I’m skeptical because I love pushing limits in order to understand how things really work. And I’m optimistic because, so far in my life, the unknown has revealed many wonderful possibilities.”

Here are some quick facts she told the news site about herself: 

Inspiration: “Nature. And the machine shop.”

Superpower: “My nervous system.”

Favorite activities: “Machining, drawing, sewing.”

Favorite toy as a kid: “An audio cassette called ‘Little Thinker.’” 

It seems like the Joseph Gordon-Levitt snagged himself a pretty interesting woman. Congratulations to the new couple.

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