Lindsay Lohan is certainly no stranger to spending a night in the slammer, but her latest arrest Wednesday night at NYC club Avenue, where she punched fellow club patron Tiffany Ava Mitchell, marked her first ever arrest on an assault-related charge.

The historic event allegedly took place when LiLo sensed that Mitchell was also vying for the attention of Max George, a member of British boy band The Wanted, with whom Lohan had been reportedly flirting. Earlier that night, Lohan attended a Justin Bieber concert at Madison Square Garden, where George’s band was the opening act.

Mitchell’s husband, Wayne Stevens, who witnessed the fight, said that Lohan told his wife she needed “space” before hitting her in the face.

“She pushed my wife pretty hard, and I don’t know why [Lohan] pushed her,” Stevens told the NY Daily News. “She comes around and told my wife, ‘I need space’ ... and then she just punched her.”

But the fight seemed to have more personal motivations than simply a romantic rivalry. Mitchell, a professional psychic, allegedly had a “premonition” about Lohan and offered her a free psychic reading in the club but was turned down according to TMZ. That’s when Lohan called Mitchell “a f---ing Gypsy” and attempted to walk away before a friend of Mitchell’s stepped up to the 26-year-old actress in Mitchell’s defense, calling Lohan a “wh-re” and telling her that her latest movie, “Liz & Dick,” “sucked.” The alleged insults apparently prompted the actress to physically lash out at Mitchell

While the few facts that have come to light about the fight still don’t seem to explain exactly what happened, here are five things we've uncovered about Mitchell:

- Mitchell’s full name has variously been reported as Tiffany Eve Mitchell and Tiffany Ava Mitchell; she uses the name “Ava” for her psychic business.

- She specializes in readings through tarot cards, palms and psychic energy.

- She is 28 and has two children according to Extra TV.

- Mitchell owns a chain of psychic reading businesses in West Palm Beach, Fla., including “Ava’s Psychic Visions.”

- Mitchell says that she first began having psychic premonitions at 10, and that the gift runs in her family. However, not everyone is impressed by Mitchell’s skills, with several commenters on a rating site for psychics calling her a “fraud” and a “phony.”