Carl Thompson, the world's fattest man, died on Sunday at 910 pounds. Reuters

Carl Thompson, the U.K.’s fattest man, died in the English town of Dover, Kent. Thompson, 33, weighed approximately 910 pounds.

Thompson vowed to lose weight in May, when doctors told him he had to shed more than half his body weight or he would die, the Daily Mail reported May 7.

“Any professional opinion or other knowledge would be great," he told the Daily Mail. At the time, he was consuming 10,000 calories a day and was unable to walk or wash himself. Thompson lived alone and was visited by two assistants who would cook for him and bathe him daily. He admitted he consumed a lot of delivery and takeout foods, and binged on whole loaves of bread.

Thompson said his typical breakfast consisted of fried bread, fried mushrooms, five fried eggs, four sausages and bowls of cereal. He lived on a combination of incapacity benefits and a disability allowance, spending around $303 per week on food deliveries and online food shopping. He hadn’t had a job since he was 17 when he worked in a food factory. Thompson said he ate everything the factory didn’t sell, but really turned to food in 2012 to cope with the death of his mother, who died from a brain tumor. His weight doubled in just three years. He was also suffering from a number of other ailments, including septicemia.

Thompson said he had always had a love for food and consumed a lot as a child.

“I was only about 3 or 4, and no one knew why I did it. I would just eat anything out of the cupboards,” he said in May.

The Dover resident didn't want to explore weight loss surgery, though many advised him to.

“I don't want a gastric band; they're dangerous. I'd like the help of a dietitian and a psychiatrist to help shift the weight,” he said.