Ink Master
Judges Oliver Peck, Dave Navarro and Chris Nuñez narrowed down the artists in the Season 8 premiere of “Ink Master.” Spike

Season 8 could be the first time a female takes home the title of “Ink Master.” Season 8 was already historic with two women, Ryan and Kelly, making it to the finale three. For those who haven’t watched every episode, continue reading to find out more about the contestants.

Ryan Ashley Malarkey: She might not have as much experience as her competitors, but Ryan makes up for the lack of practice with talent. With four years behind a tattoo gun, Ryan is the owner of The Strange & Unusual Oddities Parlor in Kingston, Pennsylvania. She’s a “modern women whose success is due to hard work and sheer determination,” her bio states. “She may not have the decades of experience as some of her competitors, but feels she’s proved herself as a well-rounded.” The artist is “out to prove that you can be both sultry and talented and is hoping to become the first female ‘Ink Master.’”

Ryan Ashley - Ink Master
Ryan Ashley is one of the female artists still in the running for “Ink Master” Season 8. Spike

Kelly Doty: The Salem, Massachusetts tattoo artist has double the amount of experience as Ryan with eight years in the industry. Like her female competitor, she owns a tattoo shop. Kelly made her mark on the tattoo world with her “spooky, illustrative, cartoon style work as ‘grim but cute.’” Kelly considerers herself “as endearingly awkward yet confident.” Though she suffers with OCD, Kelly sees it as a strength, making her work “incredibly organized and detailed.” She too wants to become to competition’s first female winner.

Ink Master Season 8
Kelly Doty had the chance to become the first woman to win "Ink Master." Spike

Gian Karle Cruz: The only male to compete in the finale hails from Puerto Rico and Boston, Massachussets. Gian is a traveling tattoo artist with 7 years of experience under his belt. Even though he has the vibes of a “child island guy,” he’s “super competitive and likes to win.” Gian’s biggest strength, other than his competitive nature, is that he “can do a little bit everything.” If Gian won, he would become the first Puerto Rican “Ink Master.”

Spike Ink Master Gian
Gian could win “Ink Master” Season 8. Spike

The Season 8 finale of “Ink Master” airs Tuesday on Spike at 10 p.m. EST.

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