More than 100 million people tune in to watch the Super Bowl, and businesses can expect to pay an estimated $4 million for a 30 second commercial. With this price tag, it has been impossible for a small business to get that sort of publicity -- until now!

Intuit, along with celebrity entrepreneur Bill Rancic, has created the "Small Business Big Game" contest to give one small business a chance of a lifetime: a Super Bowl commercial.

The contest gained interest around the country and more than 15,000 entries flooded in, and now the top four have been selected. With each business working from different parts of the country, we were able to meet them online and ask them why they deserved to win.

The first business we spoke to, Dairy Poop, markets cow waste as natural composter. The compost, which is all natural, is intended for use on lawns and gardens to help retain moisture, suppress disease and improve existing soil.

Goldie Blox was born after company CEO Debbie Sterling saw a hole in the market when it came to little girl’s toys. The mission is to take down the curtain, which divides the traditional "boy" and "girl" toys to give girls an early start into the world of science.

Scott and Theresa began baking treats for their dog at home from recycled barley as a hobby and as a way to make sure their dog was getting the nutrition he needed. Barley Labs has now grown into a small business that makes all natural, home-baked dog treats.

Locally Laid Egg Company has a mission to produce real food, with locally laid eggs, and to create better system of taking care of the birds and the eggs we eat. Thousands of hens now have the chance to exercise and pasture freely, and as a result, you the consumer have eggs with less cholesterol and fat.

Despite the fact that there can only be one winner, each business was thrilled to be a part of the contest. Each noted how the contest has already helped boost its business.

Now the competition is in the public’s hands. Voting is open online and ends Dec. 1.  Will the winner  be a company that brings you poop, a unique toy, dog treats or eggs? To cast your vote visit .