The Mega Millions jackpot keeps on growing. Another drawing came and went on Friday night, as usual, and the result was the same as it has been since the year started: Nobody took home the $68 million jackpot, driving it up for next week’s drawing.

The winning numbers for Friday night’s Mega Millions drawing were 2, 43, 48, 62 and 64, with a gold ball number of 24. There was also a 3X Megaplier, meaning someone could have walked home with a massive prize, even if they had not gotten the jackpot. Unfortunately for those who played on Friday, that was not the case.

Not only did nobody win the jackpot, but nobody won the $1 million prize, either. There were 12 winners of the $10,000 prize and two people who won that with the Megaplier, meaning they walked away with $30,000.

Friday night’s Mega Millions drawing did not produce many big winners, but the silver lining is that the jackpot for next week’s first drawing is even bigger. Mega Millions players have a chance to win $82 million with a $48.8 million cash option on Tuesday night.

A sign displays the Mega Millions and Power Ball lottery jackpots on October 19, 2018 in New York City. Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty Images