After completing the rough first stage of “The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines” finale, the remaining three teams — Cara Maria and Jamie, Jenna and Brianna, and Cory and Mitch — continued their journey in Berlin in episode 13, "Family Matters." Find out which team came out on top, and which team placed third in the Season 27 conclusion of the MTV competition show Wednesday night.

Second Stage — “Job Detail”

Host TJ Lavin greets the contestants at the second stage of the final challenge. It is there that TJ gifts the contestants suits fitted for them in episode 12 by his “friend” Franz. Fitting with the suit theme, TJ also gives the contestants black briefcases. He says they must carry their cases to their final destination.

Before taking a train to get to "work," he remarks that “no one should go to work on an empty stomach.” TJ then announces the second stage will have them eating traditional German meals. Every plate a team does not eat will result in a five-minute penalty off their overall time, which will hurt their chance at winning.

Watch a scene from stage two below:


The first course is Blood Soup. Cory and Cara Maria immediately get sick after downing some of the concoction. Jenna, who previously voiced her concerns about a food challenge, panics when she can’t finish her dish and asks Brianna for help. Brianna gets angry and tells the cameras she wants her cousin to prove she won’t quit after being disqualified in the “Exes 2” finale. Jenna decides to pour her soup into a wine glass and drink it.

Cara Maria and Jamie finish the stage first and take off with their briefcases for the train. Mitch and Corey decide to not eat two of their plates and the team receives a 10 minutes penalty. Jenna and Brianna walk away with six plates left and a large 30 minute penalty.

Third Stage — “Train Delay”

Dehydrated and exhausted, the cast arrives at the second stage of the challenge. After traveling down inside an abandoned train station, they learn they must stand in one spot on the cold platform overnight, holding their briefcases, until their train arrives. The contestants are told they're able to take a break and sleep on a metal bench if their partner agrees to hold their briefcase for them.

After several hours of standing still, TJ meets up with the cast and tells them their train was canceled. Being that none of their briefcases touched the ground, no time penalties are given.

Fourth Stage — “Row Hard”

The cast takes their limo and meets up with TJ at the Spree River. It is there that they’re told they must canoe with their partners and their briefcases up the river 10 miles. Jenna and Brianna theorize the other teams will finish the challenge before them being that they have at least one man.

jennabrianna Jenna and Brianna worried about competing against men on the canoe challenge during the "Bloodlines" finale. Photo: MTV

Cara Maria and Jamie make it to the finish line first. Cory and Mitch come in second and Cory says he will never go in a canoe for the rest of his life. After arguing about their stroke techniques mid-course, Jenna and Brianna place third. Brianna says they will try to stay optimistic about their placement in the game.

Despite winning their second stage, Cara Maria says she approaches each stage like they’re in last place.

Fifth Stage —“Coded Entrance”

The final leg of the finals brings the cast to the Olympic Stadium in Berlin. TJ says the finalists must use the pieces inside of their briefcases to solve a puzzle as a team. Once they solve the puzzle, they must run eight laps — two miles — around the track inside the stadium. TJ says the team that completed each of the stages in the shortest amount of time will be named the winner.

When Cory finds out the puzzle involves solving a math equation, he says he feels confident Mitch will be able to complete it. Mitch discovers all of the numbers on the puzzle need to equal 15 and they're the first team to enter the stadium. Cory says running the track makes him feel like he's competing in the Olympics and adds that he's pleased to see that Cara Maria and Jamie have yet to catch up with them.

cory-mitch Cory and Mitch completed the fifth and final stage of the "Bloodlines" finale first. Photo: MTV

Back at the puzzle, Jamie gets frustrated. He says if the challenge was physical, they would “win." Roughly 10 minutes after Cory and Mitch’s leave, after they’ve finished their laps, Cara Maria and Jamie finish. The duo runs into the stadium and begin running. Cara Maria says they have to run fast in order to make up time they’ve lost. 

After Jenna and Brianna’s time runs out on the puzzle section, they’re instructed to continue on to the stadium. The all-girl group finishes the two mile run last.

Winners Revealed

TJ reveals the winners inside the Olympic stadium. After adding up all the times from each stage, TJ teases it was a “very, very tight race.”

Ultimately, Jenna and Brianna are awarded third-place and a $25,000 prize. “I guess some people were made for the challenge,” TJ tells Brianna while giving her a bronze medal. TJ previously told Brianna she may not be cut out for the game and Brianna says his change or heart makes her “excited.”

caramariajamie Jamie and Cara Maria were named "The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines" champions on Wednesday's finale. Photo: MTV

After seasons of going home empty-handed, Cara Maria and her partner, Jamie, are awarded first-place. TJ gives them gold medals and a $250,000 prize. Cara Maria, in “disbelief," says winning the challenge with a family member by her side means a lot. Jamie says he will forever remember "The Challenge."

Mitch and Corey are given second-place and $75,000. Mitch says he’s pleased to have finished the final as a rookie. “There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of silver!” Cory remarks gleefully.

“The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines” finale will be followed by two hours of bonus content. Check out the “Bloodlines” reunion at 11 p.m. EST and “The S#!@ They Should Have Shown” at 12:03 a.m. EST Thursday on MTV.