Whoopi Goldberg
Comedian Whoopi Goldberg, pictured May 14, 2014, could be leaving "The View," but it's probably not because of co-host Candace Cameron Bure. Getty Images

Comedian Whoopi Goldberg might be out of a gig on “The View” if rumors are to be believed. The talk show host is reportedly in a bitter feud with veteran broadcaster Barbara Walters, who created the hit ABC show.

Their relationship is “worse than ever,” an insider told Radar Online in an exclusive report Wednesday. Walters “seems like she almost hates her now.”

Their spat reportedly stems from when Goldberg called the 86-year-old Walters an “old lady” last year. Barbara was in disbelief,” said the source. Goldberg further angered her during a phone conversation about picking new hosts for the show. “Whoopi made a comment that angered her,” the source said. “It was disrespectful, and Babs said she’d had enough.”

“Barbara has no real control over the show now, but she has an influence, and every time she comes on the show the ratings have come up,” the source said. “ABC would be happy if she was on the program. As for Whoopi, not so much.”

Radar Online claimed that Goldberg has feuded with a lot of others as well, and “they want her gone.” The publication cited Candace Cameron Bure’s early departure from Tuesday’s show, but it was later revealed that the former “Full House” star was sick.

Goldberg explained on “The View” the following day, “So you know yesterday we were having a big conversation and Candace got ill and it turned out she had the flu, baby. … We were sitting here and she literally lost color and we thought she was going to pass out,” she said, according to Fox News. “She’s sick. It’s just the flu.”

The conservative host Bure also issued a Twitter statement about her early departure. “I left the show today b/c I didnt feel well, not because of the discussion. Saw the Doctor- low blood sugar & tested positive for fluB,” she wrote.

“The View” airs on ABC weekdays at 11 p.m. EST.

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