Whoopi Goldberg
Whoopi Godberg, photographed at the premiere of "The Imitation Game" in November 2014, slammed Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar for their handling of their son's molestation scandal during the June 4, 2015, episode of "The View." Reuters

Whoopi Goldberg was none too impressed by what Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar had to say during their interview with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly. The “19 Kids and Counting” parents appeared on Kelly’s show, “The Kelly File,” on Wednesday to discuss the recent molestation scandal surrounding their eldest son, Josh Duggar.

During Thursday's episode of her daytime TV show, “The View,” Goldberg and her co-hosts discussed the controversial interview. As the Hollywood Reporter states, Goldberg said it was unfair of Jim Bob and Michelle to bring God into the discussion by saying God had forgiven their son so the public should follow suit, when they are not willing to do the same for others. Goldberg said they were intolerant “of people who feel differently” than them, reminding viewers that the Duggar matriarch had reportedly placed robocalls to voters in the Fayetteville, Arkansas, area last August, likening transgender people to sexual predators.

“Don’t bring up God. And talk about God forgiving people when you don’t have forgiveness in their own hearts,” Goldberg said on "The View."

Goldberg wasn’t the only one who disagreed with the Duggar parents’ handling of the situation. Nicolle Wallace, one of the three co-hosts on the morning talk show, shared the “Sister Act” star’s views. Wallace told viewers that she didn’t mind so much that Jim Bob and Michelle wanted to believe their son, who molested five underage girls, a majority of which were his sisters, when he was a teenager in 2002 and 2003, had been forgiven by a higher power, but that they did not think members of the LGBT community could be given the same forgiveness.

“When you say God will forgive my son who molested my daughters, if that’s your worldview, if that’s how you got through it, OK,” she said. “But you can’t say God can’t forgive a transgender person."

During their sit-down with Kelly, the Duggars discussed, in great detail, what had happened between their son and his five victims. Both parents seemed to agree that their son, now 27, was not a pedophile, but a “child preying on a child.” They told Kelly several times that they had forgiven their son for his transgressions, adding that they believed he was in good standing with God. Both Jim Bob and Michelle told Kelly that Josh had not raped or molested their daughters or his other victims, but that he was simply a boy who was “curious about girls.”

Check out a clip of Goldberg’s statements below.