• BTS fans dubbed Jungkook "Jungkook Jackson"
  • Jungkook's vocals and dance moves in "Dynamite" resembled the late king of pop's
  • Jungkook and fellow BTS member Jimin previously covered Jackson's "Black or White"

BTS’ Jungkook's amazing performance in the group's "Dynamite" music video, which pays homage to Michael Jackson, has earned the K-pop singer comparisons to the late king of pop.

The BTS member was recently dubbed "Jungkook Jackson" by fans for his "Dynamite" vocals and dance performance which resemble the late pop icon's. The K-pop star trended on social media, which isn't anything new for the members of the massively popular boy band.

"I was immediately struck by his use of a stronger sound in his verse, as well as the rasp throughout. This vocal tone and approach is clearly inspired by Michael Jackson," tweeted @vocaljking, who wrote a detailed analysis of Jungkook’s vocals in "Dynamite," which dropped Aug. 20.

"I don’t know why but this picture of jungkook is giving me major Michael Jackson vibes...or is it just me?? Jungkook Jackson anyone???" another fan wrote.

"michael jackson who? we only know a jungkook jackson in this household," another Twitter user commented.

Fans also shared throwback clips of Jungkook paying homage to Jackson and performing the late pop legend's famous moves, some of which were also seen in the "Dynamite" music video.

One unearthed video showed Jungkook and fellow BTS member Jimin covering Jackson’s hit "Black or White" back in 2018. "Truly a day in history," the fan who uploaded the clip wrote.

Back in May, author Koo Jahyung, who wrote a biography for the septet titled "BTS 7," likened the K-pop group to the Beatles. The writer also spoke about Jungkook and the legendary pop singer.

"Especially in the case of Jungkook, it is inferior to Michael Jackson. Art is an arduous fight, but Jungkook is not far behind Michael Jackson. You can see this by looking at Jungkook in 'Black Swan,'" Koo said.

Aside from his homage to Jackson, one particular scene from the "Dynamite" video was celebrated by Jungkook’s fans: when he was drinking milk by the bed.

One BTS Army member shared two photos of the singer from the "Dynamite" music video, commenting, "I think im in love with jeon jungkook with his milk."

Others did a little more digging and said that Jungkook’s sequence may have been a nod to a ‘90s advertisement. Got Milk, the campaign that the fans have been referring to, joined in on the fun and posted, "Oh to be a glass of milk, helping Jungkook rock and roll."

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