Jeff Bezos’ ex-wife MacKenzie Bezos seems to be one of the most sought after women after it was announced that she was receiving $38 billion in her divorce settlement. The divorce between the couple became final on Saturday.

The date requests started cropping up on Twitter on the same post that MacKenzie used to announce her divorce.

One Twitter user asked her, “Uhmmm do you have plans for dinner tonight?”



Another said, “My wife advises me to tell you that I’m available... ”



While another Twitter user asked her, “Since my wife had an affair and left me... wanna come rescue a single dad of 4?”



Yet another said, “Hi, I'm single and broke as well. Let's meetup?”



MacKenzie now sits as the 22nd richest person in the world, holding 19.7 million shares of Amazon, Page Six reported.

Beyond the men looking to date, MacKenzie others have come out looking for her to help them financially. MacKenzie has pledged half her wealth to charity through the Giving Pledge.

One Twitter user said, “You know what helps you feeling useful and give peace...please donate to me for my student loan debt and my unpaid rent as I struggle working PT n FT me.”

While others just blatantly asked her money by saying, “Give me some money."



MacKenzie and Jeff were married in 1993 without a prenuptial agreement, the news outlet said. They have four children together.