Independent content creators in the entertainment industry are always at a disadvantage. The industry is not very receptive to relatively unknown creators; it favors those who are well-known and well-connected. Hollywood is notorious for its lack of diversity. Executives naturally want the next box-office hit or big TV series, which is why we end up with lots of sequels and an extremely risk-averse and exclusive production process.

One of the reasons why original content struggles to see the light of day is because investors generally don’t have sufficient data points to analyze a movie or TV show’s potential success. Other industries have nascent sales projections and deep consumer feedback to assess, but all entertainment has is post-production research screenings (at best) or viewership demographics from specific titles in the past (at worst). That means fans don’t have a sufficient voice until after titles have reached post-production or have been released.

The entertainment industry needs to be more inclusive and accessible to everyone who participates in it. Fortunately, Filmio has emerged to provide this solution. Filmio is a market validator, creative incubator and distribution launchpad for emerging creators.

Reshaping Hollywood

Several individuals participate in the entertainment industry, but we can generally sort each player into one of three groups: fans, creators and investors.

Fans: The entertainment industry is nothing without fans. As the value chain endpoint, they are the driving force behind movies and TV shows. However, the industry does not fully recognize them as such. In the current product-to-market model in Hollywood, fans are little more than end-users. Although the fans are ultimately the ones spending their money on the final product, they are radically uninvolved in the production process itself. This is a problem that Filmio is looking to solve.

With Filmio, fans can browse projects on the platform and validate ideas they are interested in by staking tokens, providing feedback and offering critique. Fans are rewarded for their participation in Filmio’s blockchain-based ecosystem with FAN tokens, which they can use to obtain special platform privileges. In Filmio’s model, fans play an active role in deciding what TV shows, films and VR experiences get made.

Creators: If you want to distribute your project to as broad an audience as possible, you typically need the assistance and resources of a major studio. Unfortunately, these studios have traditionally been highly biased and nearly impossible to access if you are not well-connected.

However, on Filmio, content creators have easy access to the resources they need to make their project a success. Filmio actively exposes projects on its platform to investors, studios and other financiers. They provide numerous networking opportunities so that creators have more chances to turn their ideas into high-level productions, without having to go through Hollywood. Each project is also given a proprietary Go Score and other meaningful data points to assess its audience receptivity accurately.

Investors: Data is something that is severely lacking in the entertainment industry, which is why investing in a film or TV project is often a gamble for financiers in Hollywood unless it is a sequel, a prequel or part of a franchise.

Filmio changes this by capturing every interaction between fans and creators, such as their critique and feedback, and making it a datapoint for investors. Investors and studios can analyze Filmio’s platform and learn which projects audiences are excited about. Perhaps there is a unique TV show pilot investors were skeptical about investing in, but it turns out that all levels of fans are generating positive buzz about it. By introducing comprehensive algorithmic projections into the industry, Filmio provides financiers with a reason to invest in emerging creators instead of clinging tightly to traditional studios.

A Front-Row View of the Problems

Filmio’s founders are well-versed in Hollywood’s problems. They have worked with major industry players like DirectTV, HBO and Disney, and have seen the challenges the film and TV industry faces first hand. TV shows and movies tell stories, but they are also emotionally and rationally experienced products, which is why Filmio seeks to include as many people in the production process as possible by making it more accessible and meaningful for everyone involved.