They have stepped in to become more involved as the faces of the royal family than ever before due to the Coronavirus pandemic, but more influence doesn’t mean Prince William and Kate Middleton don’t still have concerns of their own when it comes to the virus that is sweeping the world.

In an episode of the Royal Rota Podcast, ITV News Royal Editor Chris Ship and Producer Lizzie Robinson both discussed the highly praised recent phone call the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge took place in with hospital workers who are serving on the frontlines of the pandemic. The pair agreed that the move was a phenomenal one on the couple’s part, but that they are still worried about how things will continue to play out for medical staff as the pandemic gets worse.

“On April 1, William and Kate spoke to staff at two hospitals, including the Queen’s Hospital in Burton which is where sadly the first confirmed hospital frontline worker died from coronavirus, Robinson said. “They’re very much involved and trying to kind of play their part and still carry out some kind of roles even if that has to be on the telephone.”

However, Ship admitted that the couple would likely start to worry about the frontline workers who do die from the virus, as the number is expected to climb.

“We’ve now had four NHS frontline workers who have sadly died from coronavirus,” he said. “Nothing like Italy, where it’ something horrendous like 60 or more. But that’s something that I’m sure William and Kate will be extremely concerned about.”

The potential concern the couple could have comes as the Coronavirus has affected their own family as well, which has led to their increased roles. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip have quarantined together at Windsor as their advanced ages make them high risk should they contract the illness. Meanwhile, Prince Charles has also gone into quarantine, as he did test positive for COVID-19.