Meghan Markle will reportedly visit Princess Diana’s grave for the first time ever on Aug. 31 to mark the late royal’s 22nd death anniversary. The Princess of Wales passed away in 1997 following a fatal car crash in Paris.

According to multiple sources, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be taking their son, Archie, to his grandmother’s grave. This will mark the first time that the Sussex family will visit Princess Diana.

But in 2011, Kate Middleton decided to visit Princess Diana’s grave days before she married Prince William. The latter accompanied his then-fiancée to the short visit.

According to Express, Markle has always been a huge fan of Princess Diana but she has never visited her grave even though she has been dating Prince Harry since 2016. And the reason behind her decision may have something to do with the Duke of Sussex.

The last time that Prince Harry has been to his mom’s grave was in 2017 during Princess Diana’s 20th death anniversary. At that time, he and Markle are not yet engaged. As such, Prince Harry might not have invited his wife to join him during his visit.

Three months after Princess Diana’s 20th death anniversary, Prince Harry and Markle announced their engagement. But since that year, the Duke of Sussex has not dropped by his mom’s grave again.

This time around, the Sussexes are expected to make a private visit to Althorp. And what makes the upcoming trip more exciting is the fact that the royal couple can now introduce their son to the late royal.

Meanwhile, some royal experts have weighed in on whether or not they think Princess Diana and Markle would’ve gotten along if they ever had the chance to meet in person.

Some royal fans are convinced that the two women would’ve been the best of friends. Others think that Princess Diana wouldn’t have approved of Markle for Prince Harry.

princess diana Britain's Princess of Wales arrives at her London health club. Photo: Johnny Eggitt/AFP/Getty Images)