Nick Cannon used to be fond of updating his Instagram account with posts about his whereabouts, the exercise routines he is trying and his on-the-spot compositions. However, the rapper and television personality had an epiphany recently and decided to delete all of his posts on Instagram. Since this has caused a  lot of confusion among his followers, he is now spilling the details on what made him wipe his Instagram clean.

According to the former “America’s Got Talent” host, he actually used to love posting things on Instagram, but this habit eventually became an unhealthy addiction. “I got addicted to it. I was following and liking,” he was quoted as saying by Wonderwall. “I used to read two books a week and now I’m on Instagram for four hours every day, so I pulled back a little bit.”

Cannon also revealed that he had to get his whole life back together because his addiction to the app did not help in securing money for himself and for the people who depend on him. “I wasn’t making no money from Instagram,” Cannon said in an interview. “Instagram is making all this money, all these billions … They’re making so much money and we’re just offering our personal lives up.”

Cannon’s realization is what led him to delete all of his pictures and video clips from his Instagram account. “Every time we put a picture up, they own it. So I started getting in depth and said I don’t want to put anything personal on Instagram. I put business stuff up there, but my personal stuff should be left for me,” he told The Source.

Mariah Carey’s ex is still active on Instagram at present, but it is now void of his previous posts. The only thing that his followers will find on his account for now is a post advertising his upcoming show in Atlanta with Rick Ross, Wale and many other artists.

In case his fans are wondering though, Cannon’s Twitter and Facebook accounts are also active. In fact, all of Cannon’s tweets are still there and his Twitter feed remains up-to-date. Meanwhile, his Facebook account was last updated on Oct. 14.