Audiences recognize Alexis Knapp as Stacie, the sexy Bella from the “Pitch Perfect” franchise. However, the actress revealed to International Business Times that she wasn’t always so confident playing the character known for her libido.

“That actually was pretty tough for me in the first movie, and a little less in the second movie. I’ve always been really prudish and reserved in that sense and have always valued modesty,” the “Pitch Perfect 3” star told IBT in an email interview.

Knapp explained that she grew up wanting to just fit in with her brothers. She certainly didn’t want to be being seen as what she called “a mindless, immoral sex pot” stereotype. There’s a big difference between her and the character she plays, and Knapp felt the need to go to great lengths to make that clear to her fellow cast mates.

“In the first film, other actors were teasing me a lot as though I WAS my character, and I started retracting into myself, dimming my sexuality and femininity with baggier, more masculine clothes,” she said. “I bought massive grandpa-looking glasses on the weekend while still in rehearsals, and when I wasn’t in Stacie wardrobe, I’d pop my contacts out and assume my ‘other wardrobe.’”

Alexis Knapp
Alexis Knapp was a bit uncomfortable playing Stacie when the “Pitch Perfect” franchise started. She is pictured at the “Pitch Perfect 3” premiere on Dec. 12, 2017 in Hollywood, California. Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Image

Don’t worry, the 28-year-old actress is much more comfortable now. “Only in growing and developing myself more, with the blessing of time, I became confident in who I truly am and am happy to say I no longer feel the need to dim my light to such extremes. Growing and evolving is the MOST beautiful thing! And it never stops. Magical.”

While the early days may have been a bit tougher, Knapp has plenty of fun memories from set. On “Pitch Perfect 3,” she revealed that Rebel Wilson, who plays Fat Amy, gave her an injury that actually was pretty laugh-worthy.

“Rebel accidentally chipped my tooth, in scene, while taking a cocktail away from me before I took another sip,” she recalled. “That might seem horrifying, but it was actually super funny, and it wasn’t too bad, I could finish the work days no problem. The irony is she chipped her own tooth a few days later! Weird!”

Stacie probably doesn’t have many drunken nights out these days. In “Pitch Perfect 3”, the party girl is now a Pilates instructor and a mom. Stacie has a baby girl named Bella who has seriously changed her life. “For Stacie, I’d say the biggest change in the third [movie] would obviously have to be not being included in the performances. Having a baby changes everything and I know that entirely, personally!” she said.

Knapp is mom to 6-year-old daughter Kai, and it seems bonding with her onscreen daughter was also memorable. “Falling in love with the newborn that played Stacie’s daughter, named Bella” is another favorite memory from set. She called it “so, so nostalgic.”

Though “Pitch Perfect 3” is being advertised as the end of the franchise, the Pennsylvania native isn’t so sure it’s really over. “I’m 50/50 on why they would or wouldn't do another. The franchise is so lucrative, inspiring, and the fans are so loyal,” Knapp shared. “I suppose that depends on the success of the third installment. And of course, I’d be delighted to do the fourth!”

“Pitch Perfect 3” is now in theaters.