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Chrissie Fit says she considers her “Pitch Perfect” cast mates like family. She is pictured with co-stars (from left) Anna Kendrick, Adam DeVine, Rebel Wilson and Brittany Snow at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards. Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for MTV

Everyone’s favorite acapella group The Barden Bellas are back in theaters this week with an all-new installment to the “Pitch Perfect” franchise.

While moviegoers have yet to have the chance to catch the third film on the big screen, actress Chrissie Fit is already thinking about a fourth sequel, which is music to our ears.

Speaking to International Business Times at Vidcon this summer, Fit, who plays the comical Flo in the Universal Pictures movies, dished all about how they make those hit soundtracks and even shared she has a dream storyline for “Pitch Perfect 4,” should Universal continue the films.

When the Bellas return for “PP3,” viewers will watch the group embark on a post-college USO tour through Europe, which was coincidentally taped in Atlanta. While Fit kept her potential storyline for a fourth film under wraps, she did tease she’s very excited about her plot plans.

“I think just like life and people, there’s always more to come,” Fit told IBT when asked if the third film ties up all loose ends. “I think audiences are going to be really happy with the film. It’s a crowd pleasure. It’s more of the characters that they’ve grown to love. I don’t think they will be disappointed, but there’s also, I feel, like room.”

“Literally I have a whole pitch that I’m writing and creating now. I have a pitch for ‘Pitch Perfect 4.’ I know exactly where we could go with it but it all depends,” she said.

chrissie fit 2
Actress Chrissie Fit has big plans if the “Pitch Perfect” cast returns for a fourth film. Fit is pictured at a “Pitch Perfect 3” screening in Coral Cables, Florida, on Dec. 5. Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images for Universal

At the time of the interview, Fit had yet to pitch her ideas, but said had already discussed doing so with the franchise’s co-producer, Max Handelman. “I’m like, ‘I have something. I’m going to sit down with you and have like a real meeting about it. Because it is good,’” Fit teased.

While the public has not yet learned of what Fit has up her sleeve, she said her plot idea did get a thumbs up from the film’s choreographer, AJ. “He liked it, so I’m like hey, there might be something here,” Fit said.

As for if the rest of the Bellas would be on board, Fit said it’s highly likely.

“We all would love that because again, we’re little like sisters. But it all depends. It depends on how people receive this movie and I think that there’s always a possibility. As long as people want to know about the Bellas, they’ll be a possibility to make more movies.”

While a possible fourth film is on Fit’s mind, she’s currently focusing on the release of “Pitch Perfect 3.”

“It was everything. I mean, we’ve become like a little family. We love each other so much,” Fit said of her feelings after getting the call to come back for No. 3. “I feel like we would do these movies forever because we get to work with our friends essentially. It was really, really like exciting and fun and to be able to sing and dance. it’s a great time.”

While the third sequel was confirmed after just weeks of its second installment being in theaters, it took a year before Fit was invited back. Fit admits the wait wasn’t easy.

“It took a little while because they had to finalize the script and all that,” Fit explained. “I think Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson were the only ones who knew right away where the story was going to go with the Bellas. It was a little excruciating, I’m not gonna lie. I was like, ‘Am I coming back?’ [Producer] Elizabeth Banks is always like, ‘Don’t worry. You’re still there.’ But you know, you never know! So I was really happy when I got the call.”

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Chrissie Fit has worked with Elizabeth Banks outside of the “Pitch Perfect” franchise. The two are pictured with actress Brittany Snow at the Women in Film 2017 awards on June 13. Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Women In Film, LA, Max Mara, and BMW

Banks doesn’t just support Fit’s “Pitch Perfect” character, she also helped her digital series “Temporary” get off the ground. The four episode program follows two women who take a job at a temp agency to discover what they want to do with the rest of their lives. There’s even a few familiar “Pitch Perfect” faces in the cast.

“She’s such a good friend and mentor,” Fit said of having the support of Banks. “She was so instrumental in getting in done, so I’m really lucky.”

While “PP” fans can catch Fit (and a few other familiar faces) in “Temporary,” they should also expect a new and improved Flo when the third film debuts in theaters on Dec. 22. After two films of stealing scenes with her one-liners, Flo will show a different side this time around.

“I think people are going to be surprised to see Flo as a little less kind of sarcastic and digging at their white girl problems and more a part of the team. And also, just a very strong character,” Fit said.

Viewers will also get to hear more of Fit’s pipes in No. 3. “I do get to sing a little more in this one which is really great,” she said. “In the second one I did mostly baseline so I’ll have a little more singing in this movie, which is really exciting.”

Unfortunately for her, however, she didn’t get her dream song approved for the film. Fit, who said producers do collaborate with the actors but don’t take sound requests for the soundtrack, admitted she would have liked to see a Spanish song in the movie.

“I feel like if ‘Despacito’ came out before we were filming that could have been an option. I just think because I’m Latina, I think that would be a cool little extra.”

While the Luis Fonsi hit won’t be sang by the Bellas this time around, moviegoers can count on seeing real performances from the film’s stars. Fit revealed the cast members record their music before filming, but still belt out their sections on set.

“We do sing, just so that you get the sense of us singing otherwise it looks like we’re lip-synching and that doesn’t look cool,” Fit explained. “It would be really interesting if one day if those tapes come out and you hear the audio to see if we’re really pitch perfect.”