Prince Harry is ready to do everything for Meghan Markle including cutting some people out of his life. 

There have been reports claiming that the Duke of Sussex had a falling-out with his brother Prince William. There were also claims that he has frozen out some of his friends including his childhood best friend Tommy “Skippy” Inskip.

According to entertainment reporter Ashley Pearson in the Amazon Prime documentary “Harry and Meghan: When Two Became Three,” Prince Harry’s friends and brother were concerned that his relationship with Markle was moving too fast and the Duke of Sussex didn’t take it well.

“Harry did not react well to that — by all accounts and all reports, he was furious with anyone who dared question Meghan or her suitability, or whether or not Harry was in fact sure. Harry has cut people out of his life based on the fact that they were not welcoming or accepting of Meghan,” Pearson said.

Pearson added that Prince Harry “has been faultlessly loyal” to Markle from the beginning partly due to Princess Diana’s tragic death. The Duke of Sussex saw how his mother was treated by the press and he wanted to ensure that his wife is safe and won’t experience the same thing.

One of the people that Prince Harry reportedly cut out of his life was Inskip. The two were very close, but their relationship was strained when Prince Harry learned that his friend did not approve of his plan to marry Markle.

Prince Harry and Inskip reconciled in July following the death of Inskip’s mother-in-law. According to an insider, the two are back as tight friends because the death of Inskip’s mother-in-law “really hit a nerve.”

In related news, Markle’s former friend Lizzie Cundy said that Markle is doing her royal role the wrong way and she’s sure that Queen Elizabeth II would agree with her on this. Cundy also said that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex acted “hypocritically” for championing the environment but taking four private jet flights. She added that it was also wrong for the couple to accept the taxpayers’ money to fund their home, Frogmore Cottage, but kept baby Archie from the people.

“I’m sorry, she’s doing things the wrong way,” Cundy said.