Queen Elizabeth II Prince Philip Prince Andrew and Prince Edward
Pictured: Prince Harry, Prince Andrew, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip and Prince Andrew watch the flypast over The Mall of British and US World War II aircraft from the Buckingham Palace balcony on National Commemoration Day July 10, 2005 in London. Getty Images/Daniel Berehulak

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II became furious with Prince Andrew following a shocking incident.

In fact, the royal couple even read the riot act to their third child and punished him by confining him to the barracks forcing him to spend a summer holiday with them on the Royal Yacht Britannia.

While speaking with Vanity Fair, journalist Sue Arnold said that Prince Andrew’s mischievous antics went a little too far during a paint-spraying incident. The Duke of York reportedly doused a group of photographers with white paint.

Following the incident, the New York Times reported that Prince Andrew wiped his hands on a piece of newspaper and said that he enjoyed what he did.

“The Duke of Edinburgh put in a furious transatlantic telephone call advising his second son to ‘pull his finger out’ and grow up. He was effectively confined to barracks and spent a chastened summer holiday cruising with his parents on the royal yacht off the Scottish coast,” she said.

But prior to the incident, Her Majesty and the Duke of Edinburgh were actually quite fond with Prince Andrew. In fact, the dad of four admired his son because of his macho-man image. Sarah Ferguson’s ex-husband reminded Prince Philip of his own youth.

Growing up, Prince Andrew earned the reputation of Royal Lout-About-Town. He had a slew of romantic escapades, and he also had a penchant for practical jokes. The nickname saddened the Queen and annoyed Prince Philip. But even then, the three royals stayed close to each other.

Meanwhile, there was another incident wherein the riot act was read to Prince Andrew and his older brother, Prince Charles. In the documentary “Paxman on the Queen’s Children,” Jeremy Paxman said that Her Majesty decided to take things into her own hands during the fallout of her sons’ marriages.

“Someone overheard the conversation, they’d discussed the fact that she was telling Charles and Andrew that they needed to get divorced,” he said.