Predictions of a blizzard bringing two feet of snow in major cities Tuesday quickly proved overblown as precipitation from Winter Storm Stella switched over to sleet in many areas along the East Coast. 

That didn't mean certain areas didn't get hammered with large accumulations of snow. The National Weather Service in Binghamton, New York tweeted in the early morning that it had seen nearly a foot of snow already. It added that its record of two feet in 24 hours could be broken. 

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As the storm progressed, it was expected to dump the most snow on areas such as central Pennsylvania, upstate New York and other inland areas of the Northeast. Blizzard warnings continued Tuesday in parts of nine states.

The Weather Channel, however, predicted a mix of snow and ice in most coastal regions. The storm has produced lower snow totals for coastal areas because a low-pressure system tracked closer to the coast than earlier expected. That pushed the higher snowfall figures inland, the Weather Channel noted. 

In New York City, some four to six inches had already fallen across the city with perhaps one to two more inches expected throughout the day, according to NY1 Weather. But there was still sleet, slush and high winds expected throughout the day, which could prove dangerous, especially for folks who attempt to drive.

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"Just because it's not as bad as predicted in terms of snowfall doesn't mean it's good," Gov. Andrew Cuomo told NY1. "It is dangerous. The roads are dangerous."

Power outages were also a real possibility as winds were expected to reach 60 mph in many areas.

Washington, D.C., meanwhile, got hit with mostly slush and just one to three inches of snow, according to the Washington Post's count. While the storm had been slow to arrive and wasn't expected to be as strong as once thought, Boston was still expected to get between six and 12 inches, according to the Boston Globe.