A Different Fundraising Concept

Tomi is very unique in that it is disruptive in all aspects of its existence. Its fundraising efforts successfully combine NFTs, DeFi, and traditional token sales, and its entire ecosystem structure changes the way that venture capital works. 

Seeing the amount of support it has gotten from the community thus far is a sign of good things to come in the future for the company beyond just its token sales. 

September has been a good month for Tomi, thanks to its wildly successful NFT sale. The team has raised over 454 ETH or roughly one and a half million dollars in a rather unconventional fundraising method. Tomi's use of NFT technology is just one example of what this innovative ecosystem has to offer. 

How Tomi Gets Funded 

Tomi took an unconventional route by selling limited edition NFTs to access its upcoming main sale. NFTs have been immensely popular in the last year, with projects like CryptoPunks having grossed over a billion dollars since its launch. However, the technology can suit many other use cases, and exploring innovative opportunities remains essential. 

The NFTs go by the name of 'Tomi Heroes,' which are sold across three rounds. All the funds that have been raised through these sales will help the team buy Tomi's native token. After the purchase, the Tomi team will burn them to reduce TOMI's total supply. The token sale begins on 21st September on SushiSwap and given the massive $1.5m + input by the TOMI team, the price is expected to rise considerably.

While these sales figures are impressive, it remains essential to look at the bigger picture. Tomi isn't just an NFT project, as its ecosystem has many other tools and potential benefits to offer. The team's commitment to using NFT sales proceeds to buy up and reduce a part of the TOMI supply confirms they have a long-term business plan.  

What Is Tomi About?

Tomi intends to launch a venture capital platform called TOMIFundMe. However, unlike typical venture capital efforts, the projects to receive funding will not be decided by a few people. Instead, the community of TOMI token holders will vote on the most worthy projects. All eligible projects will receive a grant made up of funds collected through TOMISwap's transaction fee distribution. 

As the native decentralized swapping solution, TOMISwap provides DEX functionality. Users can swap between supported tokens at a fixed 0.3% transaction fee. An unusual aspect for an Ethereum-based project, yet speed and efficiency are crucial. Providing a cheaper alternative to Uniswap creates a competitive edge. Of the 0.3% transaction fee, 8.3% will go to TOMIFundMe to support the ongoing development of the Tomi ecosystem. 

As both solutions intertwine, they are two essential pillars for Tomi. The team intends to address some long-standing industry pain points. Moreover, the democratized decision-making process to help fund projects capable of making a long-term impact is a crucial benefit. Creating projects can be done through a TOMIFundMe profile and submitting business ideas and plans. The financial aspect is one part of the equation, as there will also be incubation support for eligible projects. 

Wealth Distribution And TOMI Utility

Blockchain technology and decentralized finance can create new avenues for wealth distribution. Moreover, they can make a positive societal impact rather than focus on speculation. TOMI token holders will receive value from the asset, but also everything that Tomi ecosystem stands for. Moreover, the token has utility features.

The governance aspect of TOMI is one facet, but it goes much further. Those who provide liquidity can earn rewards for doing so. Additionally, the Tomi ecosystem provides cheaper and quicker transactions than Ethereum, making it an efficient solution. Finally, governance token stakers earn passive revenue from TOMISwap and can vote on projects ushering in the future of Web3 development.

TOMISwap and TOMI staking are slated to go live in October 2021. TOMIFundMe will see the light of day in Q1 2022, followed by Tomi's native blockchain launch in Q3 2022. The current NFT sales are crucial to access the presale but are only the first step in developing this rich ecosystem. 

To find out more about the TOMI ecosystem or to participate in the sale, visit the website.