A 30-year-old woman in India got upset and decided to take matters into her own hands after listening to her husband's frequent taunts about her dark complexion.

Suneeta Sonwani, attacked her 40-year-old husband, Anant Sonwani, with an axe following an altercation Sunday. Anant died on the spot, reported local outlet NDTV. The woman also chopped off her husband's genitals following the attack, police said Tuesday.

The incident happened in Durg city in the central Indian state of Chattisgarh.

After the man's death, Suneeta attempted to mislead the neighbors by telling them someone killed her husband. However, during an investigation, she admitted to fatally attacking her husband with the axe that was kept in their house. The woman said she was provoked by her husband actions, who allegedly criticized, bullied and body-shamed her for months.

Investigators found that Anant used to call Suneeta ugly and frequently taunted her about her dark skin color. The couple had arguments over the issue several times in the past, police said, ABP Live reported.

Suneeta was Anant's second wife. He married her after the death of his first wife.

In a similar incident, a 44-year-old woman in Melbourne, Australia, fatally stabbed her boyfriend and severed his genitals in April. The accused, Jasmine Everleigh, was charged with two counts of murder after her boyfriend and his friend were found dead with critical wounds at an apartment.

Last year, a man in India suffered severe burns after his wife, Padmavati, poured boiling water on his genitals following a heated argument. Investigators found Padmavati was the victim's third wife and that he had left his first two wives because they were unable to conceive. The woman was detained by police.