The death of Richard Martyn Turner has once again roused the bloodstained reputation of Reunion Island as one of the world's deadliest waters.

Photos of Turner were shared by his wife, Verity, after authorities believed that he was attacked and killed by a tiger shark when he mysteriously disappeared while snorkeling alone on November 9.

Express UK said that the 44-year-old British national snorkeled on a “safe lagoon,” or a portion of the resort where the water is shallow.

Tiger Shark An American tourist was killed by a tiger shark off the coast of Costa Rica on Nov. 30, 2017. Pictured is a tiger shark on January 29, 2016 at an aquarium in Seoul, South Korea Photo: Getty Images

“When he did not get back, his wife sounded the alarm, and a full search was launched, involving boats and a helicopter,” a source told The Sun.

It added that divers also helped with the search, alongside land patrols and sniffer dogs. Unfortunately, their labors proved to be unsuccessful as they failed to locate the missing tourist.

The couple was spending a week on the island to celebrate Verity's 40th birthday.

Four tiger sharks were found swimming in the area where Turner was last seen. The predators were then captured and brought to the CSR Shark Safety Center considering that they were “way out of their natural habitat.”

“They were in the lagoon area which is shark free because of the coral but they somehow managed to find a way in,” The Sun said.

Scientists at the Center then performed an autopsy and found a severed arm in the belly of one of the tiger sharks.

Verity later identified the wedding ring found on the appendage and said that it belonged to her husband. However, DNA tests will still have to be conducted to “officially confirm” that it was indeed Turner's.

Officials will investigate further on the sharks as well as the contents of their stomachs.

A post-mortem will also have to be carried out to know how Turner truly died.

“At this stage we don't know if the man drowned and was then attacked or if he was attacked while swimming," officials said.

Turner worked for the Scottish civil service while Verity was employed at a local events company. His friends at the land registry described him to be “kind” and a “very English eccentric.”

His death marked the 12th fatal shark attack in Reunion since 2011.

The rising report also led President Emmanuel Macron to double the government's financial assistance to two million euros to hasten the country's shark attack prevention efforts.