Amazon Prime’s “Sneaky Pete” isn’t a romance, but it certainly has tension between its two leads: Marius and Julia. International Business Times asked executive producer Graham Yost and star Giovanni Ribisi if that tension would ever turn into anything more, and they had very different answers.

Yost revealed that the writers certainly toy with their chemistry. “You know, it’s funny. We ask that in the writer’s room. It’s a weird thing. They’re attracted to each other, but they’re cousins — at least that’s what she thinks. So we play with that,” Yost told IBT.

If it’s been a while since you binge-watched “Sneaky Pete,” let’s recap: Marius (Giovanni Ribisi) took the identity of his prison cellmate Pete (Ethan Embry), who hasn’t seen his extended family in 20 years. He embedded himself within the family to steal their money. Julia (Marin Ireland) is Pete’s cousin, and she grew up hating Pete. But now, she and Marius (who she believes is her cousin Pete but is not actually related to her) have grown pretty close.

Sneaky Pete Season 2
Marius (Giovanni Ribisi) and Julia (Marin Ireland) still have chemistry in Amazon Prime’s “Sneaky Pete” Season 2. Amazon Prime/Eric Liebowitz

Ribisi, however, doesn’t think that closeness is turning romantic in Season 2, which will be released Friday. “[The relationship] does [grow] a little bit. I think, honestly, he does start to look at her as a family member if anything,” Ribisi told IBT. “I think that he sees that she’s probably in danger, and it’s probably more of a fraternal thing than anything — you know, they’re still cousins, according to her.”

When asked if Julia and Marius could ever get romantic, Ribisi had a hearty laugh. “I don’t know. I have no idea. As far as Season 3, we don’t know if we’re getting picked up,” he said.

So it doesn’t sound like a real romance is coming for Julia and Marius, but expect them to get into some intense situations in “Sneaky Pete” Season 2. “If you’ve seen the trailer, there’s a little moment where they’re very close and we wanted to make that important to the season and it is,” Yost teased. “There’s something that happens in the very first episode [of Season 2] that shows how much he cares about her. That’s all I’ll say.”

“Sneaky Pete” Season 2 premieres Friday, March 9 on Amazon Prime.