Kate Middleton’s son, Prince George, will one day become king. If the Duchess of Cambridge survives Prince William, royal fans have wondered what exactly Middleton’s new title will be.

On the online forum site Quora, one royal fan asked whether or not Middleton will be known as the King Mother since he is the mom of the future king. Dave Rowlands, a monarchist and a royal history buff, said that there is no such title as King Mother.

“Queen Mother doesn’t mean ‘mother of the Queen’ – rather, it means, ‘Queen, who is the mother of the current monarch.’ The position of ‘Queen Mother’ was not created by Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother (wife of George VI) – there had been previous Queen Mothers…” he said.

Adam Corder, a graduate from Eastern Kentucky University, said that Middleton could be called King Mother when Prince George becomes king because if the Duchess of Cambridge survives Prince William, she will be known as the Dowager Queen Catherine.

“She would be the King’s Mother but would never be the King Mother – as she is a Queen. She could adopt the title of Queen Mother, which would denote her position of having been a former Queen Consort whose son is now the King,” he wrote.

Eileen Wood, a real estate assistant, also said that it would be impossible for Middleton to be referred to as King Mother because no such title exists. While Prince William is king, Middleton would be known as Her Majesty the Queen. If Middleton outlives her husband, she will be called Her Majesty Queen Catherine.

Wood said that there is no reason for Middleton to be called the Queen Mother because the title was just used by Queen Elizabeth II’s mom to avoid confusion between her and her eldest daughter, the current monarch.

Unless Prince George marries a woman whose name is Catherine then there is no need for his mother to be known as anything other than Her Majesty Queen Catherine.