Justin Bieber says NBC will finally play his "As Long As You Love Me" music video on "America's Got Talent" tonight, but many fans and it seems even the Biebs himself don't trust the network after it let them down last month by failing to play a clip of the long-awaited single.

Bieber tweeted this evening that tonight's episode of "AGT" will feature a broadcast of the full video for "As Long As You Love Me" which was released online recently.

"AMERICA's GOT TALENT 2nite i think is gonna play a vid -#AsLongAsYouLoveMe - always time to make things right. Thanks for the support"

Note that Justin Bieber may "think" that the show will feature the "As Long As You Love Me" video, but he didn't commit fully to the prediction. That's likely a direct result of what happened last time NBC promised him, and the Biebs then promised his fans, that the video would be running during "AGT."

That was back on July 26, and NBC didn't explain what went wrong until the following morning, when the network's social media and PR professionals saw the uproar that the failure to play the video had caused among the thousands of Bieber fans who had tuned in that evening, and that even Bieber expressed.

"@nbcagt not cool. what happened?," he tweeted to his more than 26 million followers, followed up with this unhappy tweet: "@nbcagt not cool. what happened?" after the show ended Wednesday on July 26. He deleted the first tweet at @nbcagt after a couple of hours.

On July 27 at about 9 a.m., NBC responded to the dust-up by tweeting an apology and explanation out via the official "America's Got Talent" Twitter account:

"Apologies #AGT fans &@justinbieber, technical problems for#AsLongAsYouLoveMeVideo premiere," the network tweeted.

But Bieber's fans were not happy with NBC's after-the-fact explanation.

Case in point: less than one thousand people retweeted the NBC apology, while nearly 32,000 people retweeted Bieber's message asking why the clip had not been shown.

The failure to broadcast a one-minute clip of the newest hit Biebs song caused a Twitter uproar after the show ended and thousands of Beliebers had tuned in to watch "AGT" only to be let down when the show snubbed Bieber.

NBC took heat on Twitter for the remainder of Wednesday night and much of early Thursday morning from many of Bieber's more than 25 million followers, many of whom threatened to boycott the station and oddly requested the network "die" for the cardinal sin of dissing their musical idol.

The response to NBC's apology was mostly negative, as only five people even responded to it within the first seven hours after it was sent out, all with negative comments, such as this tweet by @AdelaideBieber:

"@nbcagt @justinbieber that doesn't make up for us not seeing the sneak peek lol."

It'll be interesting to see how Bieber and his fans tonight react tonight, after the world sees whether or not NBC has it in them to show the "As Long As You Love Me" video to all the fans it let down last month.