Prince William
Prince William officially opened Brains Brewery, before attending the Wales vs Ireland Six Nations Match, on March 16, 2019 in Cardiff, Wales. Getty Images/Richard Stonehouse-WPA Pool

Prince William just celebrated his birthday on Friday, and it’s possible that he will have to special days after he is crowned as king.

Queen Elizabeth II, who is the current monarch, is known to have two birthdays. Royal tradition dictates that British monarchs do not publicly celebrate their birthdays on an actual day that they were born. Rather, they have a special celebration during the summer months.

This popular double birthday tradition is over 250 years old, and it first began with King George II in 1748. The former King was born in November, and he wasn’t pleased with the fact that his birthday didn’t fall on a warmer month.

As a result, King George II decided to publicly mark his birthday in the summer. Since then, every British monarch carried on the tradition and celebrated their birthday in an official capacity with the famous Trooping the Colour ceremony.

When Prince William becomes King, he may also follow the long tradition of having two birthdays. However, it is important to note that the future King’s birthdate of June 21 actually falls in the summer months. This means that having a second celebration around the same time with the Trooping the Colour may not make much sense.

Other monarchs who were born in the summer but who also had two celebrations include Queen Victoria and King George V. And since Trooping the Colour usually falls on a Saturday in June, it is still possible for Prince William to have two celebrations since his birthday won’t always fall on the same day.

Prince William’s birthday will only fall on a Saturday every five, six, or 11 years, depending on when he ascends the throne.

Prior to Prince William’s reign, his dad, Prince Charles, will first become King. Prince Charles was born in November, which means that his birthday falls on the colder months of the year. When he becomes King, he will most likely have two celebrations.