Sarah Ferguson may still be the Duchess of York even if Prince Andrew remarries.

The Duke and Duchess of York remain amicable following their split. In fact, they still spend time together and still share a home. So what will happen to Ferguson's title in case Prince Andrew remarries?

According to Emily Hodgkin, a journalist for Daily Express, the divorced wives of princes have a title such as Sarah, Duchess of York. However, it is not known exactly what would happen if Prince Andrew remarries as it has yet to play out in the British royal family.

If Prince Andrew remarries, his new wife would become "HRH The Duchess of York, Prince Andrew." Meanwhile, Ferguson would keep her title as decreed for former wives of peers by most current letters patent. It would seem as though there were two duchesses in that case.

Meanwhile, a number of royal fans want to see Prince Andrew and Ferguson together. In fact, they want the exes to remarry.

Back in 1999, Ferguson gave a hint about her relationship with Prince Andrew. According to her, they were "happily divorced."

"I know everyone wants the fairytale of Andrew and I getting back together. But just as I can't make plans for the millennium I can't make plans about what's going to happen with us," Ferguson said. "We are the happiest divorced couple in the world, definitely. Some people are happily married. Well, we're very happily divorced. It might sound strange but we believe very firmly in what we've got."

If in case, Prince Andrew and Ferguson plan to remarry, they can do so. In April, Prince William and Kate Middleton welcomed their third child, Prince Louis. The addition of the youngest royal has led to Prince Harry and Prince Andrew's succession being pushed down.

At the time, the Duke of York is seventh in the line to the throne. According to Royal Marriages Act, only the first six individuals in the line of succession need the king or queen's consent for marriage. So, technically, Prince Andrew can marry anyone he wants without the consent of the Queen.

Sarah Ferguson
What will happen to Sarah Ferguson's title if Prince Andrew remarries? Pictured: Ferguson and Prince Andrew attend the Virgin London Marathon on April 25, 2010, in London. Getty Images/Gareth Cattermole