HBO’s hit tech series “Silicon Valley” wrapped its final season in an emotional way on Sunday night. Though sly hints may have alluded to the potential return of T.J. Miller’s Erlich Bachman in the closer, audiences were instead greeted by a different surprise guest: Bill Gates.

Co-creator Mike Judge and executive producer Alec Berg discussed the nature of “Silicon Valley” Season 6 and the series finale in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. Main among their conversation was the blending of humor and emotion for the show’s final episode, though on the topic of potential future installments, the pair explained that it’s a possibility.

“Well, I don’t know. I’m open,” Berg stated when asked if a “Silicon Valley” spinoff is possible. He continued by sharing that while there are no actual plans to make another “Silicon Valley” show, he and the cast would often joke about making a film.

“We had a running joke whenever we would cut stuff we were like, ‘OK, save that for the ‘'Silicon Valley' feature.’ It was mostly a joke where it’s like, ‘Well, there you go, there’s your ‘Silicon Valley’ feature: The search for the thumb drive.’ But no, just to be very clear, there are absolutely no plans to proceed with any of that.”

While it remains to be seen if “Silicon Valley” will return in some way, questions after the show’s finale could keep it alive. Aside from the unknown whereabouts of the potentially devastating thumb drive, there’s also the question of Bachman. While the story ends with Jian-Yang (Jimmy O. Yang) assuming Erlich’s identity and thereby stealing his fortune, a “Silicon Valley” spinoff could always star both characters and their own futures.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Berg stated that though Miller may have left “Silicon Valley," his character still remained important to the plot in the finale. “Yeah, he was a major character for the first four seasons, so he’s still very much in the world of the show...he exists in the lore of the show in the same way that Peter Gregory [Christopher Evan Welch (who passed away after Season 1)] does.”

Though the question of will "Silicon Valley" return in some capacity remains up in the air, fans now have six seasons to rewatch and adore in the hopeful wait for a spinoff series.

‘Silicon Valley’
“Silicon Valley” Season 5 will no longer feature T.J. Miller's character, Erlich Bachman. HBO