• Rosie O'Donnel slammed Smith for his "display of toxic masculinity"
  • Howard Stern slammed Oscars security for not taking action against Smith
  • The slapping incident occurred after Rock made a joke about Jada Smith's shaved head

The star of the 2021 film “King Richard” and 2022 Oscar “Best Actor” winner Will Smith was compared to former President Donald Trump after he went onstage and slapped comedian Chris Rock during the Academy Awards ceremony on Sunday evening.

American comedian Rosie O’Donnell took to Twitter to condemn Smith, who she labeled as a “narcissistic madman,” for his “display of toxic masculinity” during the Oscars. She also compared Smith to Trump, noting that both men were not held accountable for their actions.

“So upsetting on every level. Bravo to Chris Rock for not eviscerating Will Smith, which he could do any day of the week. He walked away. Bravo from a sad display of toxic masculinity from a narcissistic madman,” O’Donnel wrote in a tweet. “Like the Trump years, we don't hold anyone accountable.”

American radio personality Howard Stern also slammed the security at the Academy Awards for failing to stop Smith from slapping Rock and said the lack of action against the “King Richard” actor was similar to the lack of action against Trump.

“Not one person came out because he’s Will Smith. This is how Trump gets away with sh*t. Will Smith and Trump are the same guy,” Stern said in a commentary during his show.

O’Donnel’s and Stern’s remarks come after Rock, who appeared on stage to present the award for the best documentary feature, made a joke about Jada Smith starring in “G.I. Jane 2” because of her bald head.

Jada first opened up about struggling with alopecia during a May 2018 episode of her Facebook Watch series, Red Table Talk. Alopecia is a condition that leads to excessive hair loss from the scalp. Hair loss may come suddenly or gradually. There is no known cure for the autoimmune disorder.

In Jada’s case, she has spoken about getting treatment that helps stop some of the hair loss. She has also been seen sporting short, cropped hair or wearing turbans and headwraps. In July 2021, Jada revealed her shaved head and said she is coming to terms with alopecia.

The Academy on Monday said it condemned Smith’s actions and announced that it will launch a formal review of the incident. Rock, on the other hand, declined to press charges against Smith over the Oscars slapping incident.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith on the red carpet at the 94th annual Oscars, where Smith won best actor
Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith on the red carpet at the 94th annual Oscars, where Smith won best actor AFP / Angela WEISS