Barack Obama
U.S. President Barack Obama (Right) greets President-elect Donald Trump in the White House Oval Office in Washington D.C., Nov. 10, 2016. REUTERS/KEVIN LAMARQUE

The past year was full of surprises, to say the least — the U.K. voted in favor of Brexit seeking to leave the European Union, the Arctic ice sheet reduced to record lows due to warmer temperatures, the Syrian conflict worsened.

Back home, Donald Trump pulled a stunning election victory despite his rival Hillary Clinton winning nearly 2.9 million more popular votes than the real estate mogul.

With the Green Party-led recount effort failing to cause a dent in Trump’s election win and the Electoral College confirming the real estate mogul as the next president of the United States, Trump’s new role as commander-in-chief seems set in stone.

However, a blind psychic from Bulgaria, who predicted the 9/11 attack and the rise of the Islamic State terrorist group, said President Barack Obama would be the last commander-in-chief of the U.S.

Baba Vanga, called the “Nostradamus from the Balkans,” predicted several world events and disasters like the 2004 Tsunami, climate change and even the 2008 economic crisis. She reportedly has an 85 percent success rate when it comes to her predictions.

The Bulgaria-born psychic foresaw Obama’s presidency saying that the 44th president of the U.S. would be an African-American man. She also added that he would be the “last U.S. president.”

It isn’t clear what Vanga meant by “last U.S. president.” It could refer to a shift in the current political system in the U.S. in which the role of president ceases to exist.

Vanga, who died in 1996, isn’t the only person making predictions about the fate of the presidency, Academy Award-winning filmmaker Michael Moore, who predicted Trump’s election win back in August, speculated earlier in December if the president-elect would actually make it to the Oval Office.

“Nothing anyone has predicted has happened. The opposite has happened. So is it possible that in these next six weeks something else might happen, something crazy, something we’re not expecting?” he asked in an interview with “Late Night With Seth Meyers.”

“He may decide he just wants to quit before he even takes office,” Moore continued. “Everyone in the audience is saying that’s not possible. Everybody in this audience at some point in their life on the first day of their job knew they had taken the wrong job.”