William Shatner, who released the spoken word album "Bill" at the age of 90 with the help of Joe Jonas, says "it's still a mystery" how his collab with the 32-year-old singer-songwriter started.

"It's a story filled with mysterioso," the actor noted in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter. "What I would like to do, someday in the near future, is talk to my two partners with Joe and I and maybe a couple of others in a meeting and answer that very question."

The "Star Trek" actor went on to say, "What did Joe hear in the preliminary tapes and when did Dan Miller bring him in to say, 'Joe, why don't you listen to this.' Joe says, 'Oh, Jesus. I like that. I'd like to represent it and I'd like to do a number and here's the number I'd like to do.'"

Shatner's spoken word album, which was released on Sept. 24, is a collection of his life stories and anecdotes about his work on the silver screen. It covers various aspects of the actor's 90 years of life, including his experience with getting bullied as a child and his thoughts on the cancellation of "Star Trek."

Shatner said "Bill" was released through Jonas' new record label, Let's Get It Records/Republic Records. He added that "it's such a work of heart" to be collaborating on it with the singer, who also lent his voice to the album for the track "Clouds of Guilt."  

The actor also credited his friends and other collaborators who contributed their talents to the project. His friend Robert Sharenow co-wrote the album, while They Might Be Giants rocker Miller collaborated on its lyrics, music and production. Musicians Joe Walsh, Brad Paisley, Robert Randolph, John Lurie, Daniel Miller, Dave Koz and Joan As Police Woman (also known as Joan Wasser) are also featured in select tracks in it.

During the interview, the actor also admitted he would not have known Jonas Brothers if it weren't for his daughters and recalled his first meeting with the group many years ago.

"I know nothing about music. I don't know the local groups but my kids do. When my three girls were teenagers, the Jonas Brothers were playing here in Los Angeles. They said, 'Can we go see Joe?' Okay, so I get tickets, have a go," he said. 

"They say, 'Shatner's coming, can you meet them?' They meet me and my three girls who were saying, 'Oh my god, Joe, Nick and Kevin!' They got to meet them, see the concert and then we left. I was thinking, 'Ok, those were three nice young men.' Years later, here we are. Think of that history. The universe works in strange ways," he added.

Actor William Shatner, seen here in 2012, will reportedly be on board the next Blue Origin flight, according to TMZ Actor William Shatner, seen here in 2012, will reportedly be on board the next Blue Origin flight, according to TMZ Photo: GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Taylor Hill