• The woman drew a knife from her purse when the man refused to drive her home
  • After stabbing the victim, she ran him over twice even as he tried to hide behind a tree
  • The two had spent the day together drinking and doing drugs, including cocaine

A Wisconsin woman was accused of first-degree murder after she allegedly killed a man she had recently met online, by stabbing him and intentionally running him over twice with his own car, authorities said.

Lydia Carmona-Cartagena, 23, was charged with first-degree intentional homicide and the use of a dangerous weapon, which can lead to a maximum 5 years prison sentence, according to a criminal complaint filed in Milwaukee County Circuit Court.

The incident took place on Dec. 9 on N 60th Street and W Stark street. The victim, identified as 41-year-old Chad Wilson, was pronounced dead at the scene by the arriving officers at the Milwaukee Fire Department. A witness identified in the filing only as "JH" told authorities that she got out of the shower and heard yelling outside, according to the complaint.

When JH peered out of her window, he saw Carmona-Cartagena "tussling" with Wilson. JH told authorities that although it initially seemed like Wilson was on top of Carmona-Cartagena and hitting her, she realized it was Carmona-Cartagena who was overpowering the man.

Carmona-Cartagena told authorities that the duo got in touch on Facebook a week or so earlier and met for the first time on Dec. 8, spending the day together. According to the complaint, the accused told authorities that they "drank some alcohol and did drugs, including cocaine" while hanging out. It was then that things took a turn for the worse.

The woman was at Winson's house when he turned aggressive and asked her to leave. She didn't like the idea as she had a bag filled with clothes, and asked him to drive her home instead. When Wilson refused, Carmona-Cartagena drew a knife from her purse and allegedly "stabbed him 3 times [in] the legs and abdomen" before the latter was able to snatch the knife from her.

At some point during the altercation, Carmona-Cartagena got into Wilson's black Cadillac SUV and drove toward Wilson, willing to mow him down. Wilson survived by hiding behind a tree but Carmona-Cartagena managed to hunt him down and run him over with his own car again. Another motorist, who was driving along the road, saw the body and dialed 911, the complaint states.

Detectives found Carmona-Cartagena in her driveway still sitting in the SUV which had "accident damage and blood on the front passenger side headlight and grill," according to the complaint.

Wilson's death was ruled as homicide by blunt force trauma in an autopsy. Carmona-Cartagena is due back in court for a preliminary hearing on Dec. 23, according to Daily Beast.

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