Witches of East End Season 1 recap
What happened in the "Witches of East End" Season 1 finale? Lifetime/Witches of East End

We’re all in for a bewitching treat when the hit Lifetime series “Witches of East End” begins its second season Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT. And while we love to theorize about the premiere of the sophomore season (which we have done here), we think it’s crucial to recap the Season 1 finale to prepare ourselves for the rumored “dark and sexy” premiere.

The Season 1 finale, “Oh, What a World!,” began just where the previous episode left off, with Killian trying to convince Freya not to marry Dash. He warns her that if she does say “I do” to his brother then he will undoubtedly destroy her.

But Freya is skeptical, especially because she believes it’s Killian who is tricking her, not sweet and caring Dash. Killian finally leaves the Beauchamp household when she notices Freya’s father is lurking right behind her.

While Freya prepares for the biggest day in her life, Joanna is trying to keep her daughter’s wedding from falling a part. Not only is a deadly poison leaking from the rift between Asgard and Earth but her home has been flooded with harbingers of doom starting with an ugly thunderstorm.

Joanna is determined to give Freya the perfect wedding day.

Freya’s mom eventually concocts a spell to bring out the sun but once she does, she’s greeted with another bad omen: Freya’s veil rips. She calmly leaves to fix it but Aunt Wendy is there to remind her just how terrifying these signs really are. Just then a crow flies into the window, becoming yet the third forecast of evil. Joanna and Wendy go outside to investigate and come to the conclusion they need to fight the darkness with light.

As Freya’s big day continues, Ingrid takes a break from the wedding-madness to break into Mike’s apartment. He’s been hounding her with questions about Asgard, which led to her snooping around his home. She sees the walls are plastered with clues about Asgard and decides to take some of the obsessive-wall décor as evidence. But before she’s about to leave, Mike enters. He threatens her and then boldly states he’s not afraid of the red-haired beauty. That’s when Ingrid finally reveals she’s a witch -- and yeah, maybe he should be a little worried. She casts an immobilizing spell on him and escapes.

Back at the Beauchamps, Freya has a heart-to-heart with her father, Victor. She tells him she thinks it’s fate he came into her life at this particular stage and asks him if he would walk her down the aisle. He’s taken aback by the suggestion but gladly accepts. Ingrid, however, doesn’t think the idea is all that great.

After Victor accepts his role in Freya’s wedding, a gift arrives for his daughter: It’s a music box from Killian. As she opens it and a tune begins to play that suddenly makes Freya emotional. Victor begins piecing the clues together to figure out why Killian seems so familiar.

As Victor ponders that question, Freya continues getting dolled up for her wedding. Aunt Wendy, Joanna and Ingrid all cast a blessing spell with sage. Once they finish, Freya’s sapphire bracelet, which Dash got her, falls right off her wrist. That’s when Penelope enters revealing Victor would like to meet Freya in the music room.

He reveals he met Killian once before -- but his name was Henry. He insinuates perhaps Freya is marrying the wrong man.

But that’s not the only issue on the Beauchamp’s plate of problems. Apparently Joanna thinks Penelope is the Shifter that’s been causing chaos around East End. She tells Wendy the strange encounter she had with Penelope regarding a conversation about Archibald, her father.

“Something’s wrong, very wrong,” Joanna said. That’s when Wendy transforms into Penelope.

“You’re right,” Penelope says before knocking Joanna unconscious.

After regaining her vision, Joanna tries to explain to Penelope that the death of her father was necessary because he was evil. But Penelope doesn’t care. She’s out for vengeance -- and blood. She injects Joanna with a poison that starts making her ill immediately. That’s when Wendy makes her way down into the catacombs to see her sister has been attacked. Penelope starts strangling Joanna’s sister but eventually the two are able to overpower Penelope with their love and strength.

As the three witches have it out, Freya makes her way to Dash’s room to tell him she can’t marry him. He’s livid and tells her he never wants to see her again. After Freya’s gut-wrenching revelation, Dash goes to seek out Killian, sure that his brother had something to do with Freya’s change of heart. He ends up blasting Killian all over the dock with the powers he gained from his mother’s death. Turns out, Penelope was fostering her sons' powers since they were born.

Sure that he had killed Killian, Dash sets his brother’s boat adrift with Killian still aboard. That’s why when Freya rushes down to the dock to meet her one true love, she finds nothing but a fog-coated sea.

While the love triangle of East End is going on, Ingrid is being held at gunpoint to unlock Asgard, seeing as though she’s the key to this magical word. She does as Mike says after getting shot in the arm. But once she opens the portal, Mike is destroyed by the blinding, powerful energy.

As Ingrid, Joanna and Wendy sit there in amazement, someone walks out from the portal. The episode ends without fans finding out who the creature was.

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