witches of east end season 2 spoilers
What happened during episode 10 of "Witches of East End"? Get the scoop on how Joanna (Julia Ormond), pictured above, brutally mourned the death of her daughters Freya (Jenna Dewan Tatum) and Ingrid (Rachel Boston). James Dittiger

Just when we thought “Witches of East End” couldn’t get any darker the hit Lifetime series, which was dubbed by TV Line as one of the best shows of the summer, proved us wrong with the airing of episode 10, “The Fall of the House of Beauchamp.” Tonight’s episode began with a scene of Freya (Jenna Dewan Tatum) and Ingrid’s (Rachel Boston) dead bodies swinging from a tree in the garden. As we all remember, Tarkoff had killed the witches in episode 9 by hanging them to death.

“It’s Tarkoff. I couldn’t do anything,” Frederick (Christian Cooke) tried to explain to his grieving mother. But Wendy (Madchen Amick) wasn’t willing to give him the chance to explain. She sent him packing basically banning him from the family.

After casting Freddie from the house Wendy and Joanna (Julia Ormond) dressed the dead bodies of Freya and Ingrid up in beautiful white dresses. They then laid the girls in a room full of candles of burning sage

While Joanna and Wendy said goodbye to the girl, Killian (Daniel Di Tomasso) and Dash (Eric Winter) were experiencing their own sibling struggles. Last time we saw them the Gardiner brothers were battling it out in an epic warlock fight. But in episode 10 we realize the duo managed to both survive the deadly dispute. Well, barely.

“Go ahead. Just do it,” Dash said as a bloodied-face Killian stood over his body with a fire iron. However, unlike his older bro, Killian decided to spare the life of Dash.

Joanna is completely undone over the deaths of her daughters. Although they’re bound to come back in another life they’ll return as a different version of themselves.

“I’m willing to give up my last life,” Wendy offered her sister. But Joanna said there’s no way she could pick between her daughters of which one to bring back,

“How could we chose?” she questioned her sister.

Frederick decided to drown his sorrows over the loss of his sisters in a bottle of booze. After a few drinks he confronted Killian over the previous-life-time-beef.

“I’ll never forget what you did to me,” Freddie said.

“Whatever happened was another life. Back off,” Killian responded. But that only egged Frederick on and thus another warlock tussle began. According to Frederick, Killian is the one who lead him down the traitorous road 400 years ago.

“What happened to her is your fault. It’s always your fault,” Frederick said to Killian who was unaware of the death of Freya.

After Killian’s fight with Freya’s brother he headed to the Beauchamp house to get some answers. But when he arrived he found that the woman he was star-crossed with just so happened to be dead. As Killian grieved while he hugged his deceased over Joanna found another way to mourn -- by attempting suicide.

The Beauchamp matriarch slipped into her bathtub wearing a white dress. She then slit her wrists and let them bleed out into the water in a particularly disturbing scene. As Joanna bled out into the tub, Killian spent his night calling Freya’s phone just to hear her voice once more.

Wendy saw her sister attempt to kill herself and managed to heal her sister’s wounds with her magic. Joanna yelled at Wendy for saving her life.

“I want to die and I’m ready to go,” Joanna tried to convince her sister who claimed she wasn’t thinking clearly. “I’m done with curses. I’m done with living forever. And I’m done watching my girls die.” Despite Joanna’s wish for being left alone Wendy snuggled up to her sister in bed to make sure Joanna would fall asleep and not harm herself.

Some odd things occurred throughout episode 10: Killian was haunted by a weird statute (which happened to be a gift from Eva) and Dash spent his night grieving Ingrid’s death by sleeping with a woman named Raven (who ended up being the investigator on the case of the person he murdered.) But out of all the jaw-dropping moments the one that left us on the edge of our toes was with the arrival of the King of Asgard himself.

Wendy had reached out to Frederick to complete the ritual of getting the King (Steven Berkoff) into East End. “I can’t believe I’m saying this but you need to complete the ritual to bring my father here,” she said. Apparently he’s the only one powerful enough to bring the girls back from the dead without consequences.

By doing that, Wendy and Joanna will have to pay their good old evil friend Tarkoff (James Marsters) a visit. When they get to the abandoned mental hospital they find Tarkoff there waiting for them. “I’ve been expecting you,” he said. That’s when he forced Wendy to beg for his help. Once she does he leads her to the body of Tommy. Frederick explained that while Tommy may be alive, his soul is no longer there.

“I know you’re still in there somewhere,” Wendy whispered to her lover, apologizing for getting him into this mess. “I’m never going to give up on you.” But her feelings for Tommy might have changed when he morphed into her father after the ritual was completed.

“Hello, my darling daughter,” the King said. After he blasted Tarkoff across the room for killing his granddaughters the King expressed his gratitude to Frederick for his help. Next thing we know Wendy and Joanna’s father was standing in the Beauchamp household – and let’s just say Joanna wasn’t about to throw a family reunion bash.

Joanna freaked out that Wendy had conspired with Frederick to bring the man they hate into her home. When Wendy tried to explain that the King was here to help Joanna rebutted that the King never does anything without strings being attached.

“I do regret what has happened and you should know I came back here to put the family back together not to tear them apart,” the King tried to convince Joanna. That’s when he placed his royal hands upon the heads of Freya and Ingrid and said a spell. With ten minutes left to spare in the episode, Freya and Ingrid woke up from the dead.

“Mom, while I was dead my soul was here trapped in the house. You couldn’t see me but I saw everything,” Ingrid explained. Unlike her sister, Freya spent her time deceased traveling the underworld. The girls were then introduced to their grandfather.

“We still hate him but he’s the one who brought you back so things are quite awkward,” Wendy explained to her very confused nieces.

“Let’s put the bad blood behind us. The mark today has a new beginning,” the King said, then begging for his family to return home to Asgard. But Joanna didn’t believe her father’s happily ever after spiel. Despite Frederick believing that his grandfather had changed for the better Joanna decided to trust her instincts. That’s when she secretly revealed to Freya, Ingrid and Wendy that they were going to take a little trip -- into the past.

Joanna said that she needed to get something from herself, which could help protect them from whatever the King had up his sleeve. And the only was to do that was to travel back in time. Considering that next week’s episode involves Edgar Allan Poe in the episode title, it’s safe to assume the gals will be headed back to the 1800’s.

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